Wednesday 21 March 2018

People's Choice Winner of Poems To Paintings Exhibition

Jenny Davidson mentioned a quote to me that beautifully describes what we try to do as artists. “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” words attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. With the Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival being one of our tri-annual exhibition opportunities, the da Vinci quote seemes particularly apt.

Although not as big a festival as FOOD or Wine, our doors saw a lot of happy faces come and go. Some bought art, some bought from our shop, some strolled and pondered but all were happy to have glimpsed not only great contemporary art but also being able to walk into an artist's studio and see the sanctum of creativity. Every one of our visitors voted on the work in the Gore gallery and from the count, one was a clear favourite.

The winner of the Poems To Paintings exhibition held in the Gore gallery during our Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival! Was won by a wide margin with Patricia Lovecek's work titled "Mulga Bill", a fun interpretative rendition of the essence of the poem "Mulga Bill's Bicycle".

Congratulations Trish!
"Mulga Bill" by Patricia Lovecek

Saturday 10 March 2018

Our Dinning Chairs.... oh the shame and the recovery!

Today with the help of Simon and Kathryn we have finally finished recovering the dining chairs in the Pottinger Gallery. They were much loved, much used and very useful..... but, well, just look at our poor darlings:

Judy and I have planned this for oh.... gosh.... over a year and had a good go at it over the past couple of days:

After all the planning and pattern cutting and sewing, we were blessed that today Simon and Kathryn were on the roster for our Farmer's Market Saturday Open Day. It was so good to have such good company :)

and now we all have chairs in the Pottinger gallery we won't have to avert our gazes from..... because they now look like this:
just before stapling above and after stapling below: