Friday 31 March 2023

Food Art Exhibition tester number 4

These light hearted paintings by Margot Huebner are a joy to behold, naif and delightful. Like a dance for your eyes :)

Food Art Exhibition
Scouts Hall
94 Kite Street Orange
1 - 2 April, 10 am - 4 pm

"Escargot And Offsping"

"Fly Amanity Do Not Eat"

"Octopussy Yummy Food"

Food Art Exhibition tester number 3

 Kimberley Ivory plates are like the glimmer of light in a beautiful garden, captured forever. 

The Food Art Exhibition starts tomorrow, so go and enjoy.
They're also giving away a bookmark to each visitor. These are all unique from the creations in the artists' studios.

Scouts Hall
94 Kite Street, Orange NSW,
1-2 April,
10am - 4pm

Thursday 30 March 2023

Food Art Exhibition, taster number two

 John Spanjer has a delicate and precise touch, wonderful observation of shapes and textures...... and the colour! gorgeous :)

Come and see his and other yummy work at the Colour City Creatives group exhibition, this weekend, 1-2 April, at the Scout Hall 94 Kite Street Orange NSW. 

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Food Art Exhibition, taster

 On Saturday we'll open our Food Art Exhibition and one of our mob is a digital artist, Jenny Davidson. She's an extraordinary photographer but also a digital rearranger who can make pixels a delicious delight. Scouts Hall, 94 Kite Street, Orange, 10am - 4pm, this weekend, 1-2 April.

Canobolas Fruit, by Jenny Davidson

Pear and Grapes by Jenny Davidson

Under The Window by Jenny Davidson

Violin by Jenny Davidson


Tuesday 28 March 2023

Food Art Exhibition is this weekend!

The Food Art Exhibition is this weekend! Our venue is booked, the art is coming in, flyers are printed and just to give you a taste of things to come..... 

This is "3 Mangoes" by Trish Lovecek

Sunday 12 March 2023

Food Art Exhibition

 It is a beautiful time of the year here in Orange NSW. The harvests are coming in as is winter, but it is glorious autumn that makes our hearts sing.

Once a year Orange and it's producers of fabulous food get together and put on a FOOD week festival and we at Colour City Creatives (CCC) come with fully loaded palettes to share our production of art that is part of where we live.

We decided this year on a simple word, food as our exhibition theme. But food is not simple. 

Food is more than something we eat. Food is a nourishment for the soul, it is the foundation that makes cultures unique.
The foods of our land, shape what and when we eat. Food not only nourishes us, like the land we live on, it shapes our cultures. Food is linked to our stories, our past and our future.

This exhibition celebrates and links what food means to each of us and each art piece is a piece of the artist and their link to food.
This Food exhibition is a feast for the eyes, so enjoy and savour!

.....still working on our art, have a little look: