Sunday 30 October 2016

Silent Movies and Orange Laneways - Wine Festival

Phil and I took 3 of the portraits to the Silent Movies and Orange Laneways, Pop Up event as part of the Orange Wine Festival yesterday. After a roster day at the barracks we packed lights, easels (thank you Heather and Aileen), made protective packaging for the transportation of the art, have to be ultra careful to keep our art safe after all, they were all sold pieces!
The lane was full of people as dusk fell and it's amazing that only a few of the faces were familiar, Orange has a lot of people now. Heather and Meredith turned up so Phil took a photo of the winners by their beautiful portraits. There was music, movies, food, liquid refreshments, friendly, happy people. A great event!
At the end, when all we could think of is going home, we packed up and went back to the Barracks to put the art back on our walls so on the last day all was as it was on the first, perfect :)
Today is the last day but we pushed ourselves just a little further to spread the word about our amazing, talented, bunch of local artists. Hopefully a few of the lookers from yesterday will come today to the Barracks and feel good about living in this beautiful area, filled with so much talent.

Friday 28 October 2016

Wine Festival 2016, only 2 days left to see the exhibition

This Wine Festival exhibition has been our most successful.
The concept of Mixed Dozen was a masterstroke by our president, Philip Salmon but also the Publicity done for this exhibition was a contributing factor to the visitors and sales we experienced.
Congratulations to all the artists not only for producing such exceptional art but also for all the sales!
If you haven't had time to visit the Barracks, click on the link to see some photos taken of the exhibition and studios. The photos are not perfection and suffer from inherent problems of the art being framed and hung, but you'll get the message that this was a very special exhibition. Click here to view the gallery.

Sunday 16 October 2016

Orange Wine Festival CCC Group Exhibition at the Barracks

After weeks of preparations by our small army of volunteers this Orange Wine Festival CCC Group Exhibition at the Barracks was super successful. Not only because we had almost 150 come to the 7pm opening on Saturday night but because as a group, the team work was exceptional.
If you're unaware of who from our group is the core that brought us the present success let me try to unwrap it for you.
What happens in the building is mostly supported by Joy and Susie, maybe it's because they spend the most time at the Barracks, they are seen as the go to people for any questions.  Not only that, but Joy will always be ready to assist when someone is in need or something requires actioning in the building. Helpful, giving, talented and nurturing, you can always count on Joy to share good artistic advice on practice or technique. Susie with her spiritual centre is not the person you'd associate with our database but without her data input the hundreds of lables next to the artwork would not be. She might deny it but her constant presence is always accompanied by little acts of kindness to the building and to us.
Margot, Bev and Gaye did most of the exhibition hanging for this festival and did it with giggles and guffaws where you wondered if in fact they were having just too much fun.
The curating was also a group effort, Jola, Judy, Aileen, Denis and Aida, who popped in for a catch up but as our founder could not help, help. All collaborated to put unity and story to the art on the walls and Joy with her vast knowledge added the cherry on what is a beautiful visual confection of CCC talent.
The shop was also team nurtured by Jaq, Judy and Jola.
The kitchen had the domestos treatement by Patricia who scrubbed and tidied it almost beyond recodnition.
Our 3 bathrooms, which consist of 5 toilets and 5 sinks were transformed from grubby to gorgeous by Maggie who added a gentle touch of flowers to make a sweet statement.
Outside Les, Des, David, Michael and Phil tamed the wild grass, the result of too much rain and still questionable spring weather.
As always everyone who could, brought food for the opening which was consumed with relish bar for 8 olives and two slivers of cheese. A good sign that we not only make good art but good food too. Fayah and Liam with the help of Phil served liquid refreshments and with the donations of wine from our paragon local wineries for the first time our guests were treated to a top drop. James Sweetapple's Cargo Road Wines sparkling was a big feature as a welcome glass was handed at entry.
Phil, our president, is a man of ideas, vision, talent and ability. Approachable, giving, and always doing, he not only steers our motley creatives but makes sure our building is functional, safe and when needed pumping with music and a stunning show of light. Unfortunately not well at this moment he who loves people and a good chat forced himself out of bed to at least attend the opening though unable to give a speech. May I add that the effort and obvious success of the opening has resulted in him feeling better today. There is magic in good deeds and good people.
At the end, when all had left Heather, Isabelle, Liam, Jola and Phil stayed back a little longer to finish the cleaning and to put everything back as the following day was another open day for our exhibition in this 16 day festival.
So let's give ourselves a pat on the back for the cooperation and group learning we present in every show being better than the last.
Aida Pottinger opening the exhibition

one part of the large crowd in the Pottinger Gallery

some more of the crowd in the Pottinger Gallery

The rest of the crowd at the opening speech

Joy filling the dishwasher and Fayeah disposing of another empty

Liam testing a vintage for freshness and Jola competing with the dishwasher

Friday 7 October 2016

Preparation in Progress... Wine Festival approaches

Wine Festival preparations are progressing, today Judy, Phil, Jola and Aileen sorted chains as we'll be hanging soon. Those pesky chains have always been a problem and it turned out it's because we had chains made by two different makers. So it was out with one of them and while we're waiting for a delivery of some new stock we cleared the decks of the old ones.
Also the panels in the Aida Pottinger gallery windows got a lick of paint. We want the gallery to hold all the amazing art our creatives have brought in and the panels once place in the window reveals allow for more art! Joy, Susie and David as always present, willing and able, so the Barracks was yet again filled with art and full of fun :)
art in position, waiting for hanging

Phil, our president preparing the panels

Joy and Judy taking a little break

Judy and Jola, the painting team

matching painting smocks, matching panels, painting twins!

getting hungry

Aileen, supervising the quality of the brushwork :)

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Flyer art

and this is how our flyer looks like

Wine Week Exhibition art

Before leaving for a family wedding the art for the flyers and posters was finished and sent to the printer.
I haven't seen it printed.... gosh I hope it turned out all right..... too late now, Judy has picked them up already!