Sunday 21 June 2015


This is a different kind of post, in a way creative but more humanely and practically focused than any other.

Jane Tonks one of our kind hearted creatives is spreading the word about a young man who grew up in Orange and who is raising funds to rebuild earthquake affected small communities in Nepal.
This is part of what our dear Jane wrote: " He is a carpenter and will be totally funding his own way to Nepal, giving his time for free and just needs help with material costs for building. 100% of all donations will be used to help!!!  I know that artists are very thoughtful and caring people and because I know this young man personally, I thought I would share this story and link with the CCC community to give others the opportunity to reach out."

I can't imagine going there to help, because I can't imaging how I could be helpful, but I do want to help and this is a way that is connected and locally linked..... so check it out and if you too can help.....

this is Nick with a friend

Part of what Nick says: "...I will self fund the trip to get over there and back. I will be paying for my own food and accommodation and literally 100 percent of whatever money is raised will go towards Nepal. There will be no administration costs or any other hidden costs! I will be purchasing tools over In Nepal (also from my own money) and then donating them to a local Nepalese community that is in need of them.

The money I do need however which I don't have is the money for materials to rebuild homes over there. For 200 Australian dollars I can reuse a lot of materials from the debris and use that 200 to purchase mortar and fastenings such as screws and bolts.

By no stretch of the imagination do I know everything there is to know about building, but I do know more than enough to help Nepal out. I know I can help them but I cant help with them without the help of all of you. So please, If you can, donate and together we can all do something good in this world.

I've included some attachments of practical buildings that have been designed by a group of students and engineers over in Nepal based on the assessment of available recoverable debris and affordability of materials. These designs are specifically for more rural areas as in the big cities the building technique is concrete and bricks. I want to focus my attention on the small areas though as to the best of my knowledge from my contacts over there, it is those areas that wont see any attention for a while as most agencies will be focusing on rebuilding the major cities first to reestablish its economy."