Monday 27 February 2017

Wild Women of Arkaroola PLUS, Exhibition 4-12 March

Colour City Creatives are proud to host, The Wild Women of Arkaroola PLUS group who are having an exhibition @ the Barracks starting 4 March and being gloriously open through to 12 March.
Spread the word cos this is an amazing exhibition!

The group are steered on a journey of artistic discovery by Joy Engelman who takes them on a spiritual and creative awakening to country, big, ancient and spectacular Arkaroola where they experience, learn, absorb and channel the energy of the land into art that whispers and hints at what few see, the real Australia.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Orange Banjo Paterson Festival - “Outback and Downunder” Australian Landscape Exhibition

We have started the process of getting ready for another amazing Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival. Our curating sub-committee and helpers: Margot, Aileen, Isabelle, Judy, Jude, Bev D, Gaye, Phil and Jola have had a planning meeting already, as some will be absent at that crucial time of hanging.
Publicity release has been sent out and posted, flyers have been designed and are at the printers. Aileen, Phil and Jola went to select and collect artwork from Gaye Claydon, Judy, Bev D and Jola did the curating for Dennis' work...... it's happening people.

Below is the publicity we sent out beginning of January:
Because Banjo Paterson was a wandering over the landscape kind of poet, a painter with words, the Colour City Creatives will focus on the beauty and wonder of the Australian landscape. Outback and all around us is country and we all feel the connection. As a group we would also like to honour and remember Dennis Claydon whose art was wonderfully Australian centric. Gorgeous coloured modern landscapes or cheeky statements on Australians in the landscape were Denis’ forte. With our large membership of over 50 creatives, in our two storey building housing 2 galleries and two levels of corridors as well as 12 working studios, be prepared for a visual feast of contemporary Australian art.

We'll have our opening night on the second festival day, Friday 17 February starting at 6 pm. So bring some food, bring some friends too :)  and when you deliver your art submissions for the exhibition don't forget to take some flyers and spread the word!

this is the flyer being printed for Banjo:

and we're re-printing our general flyer too: