Monday 17 November 2014

Country Women's Association Art Show

The amazing Country Women's Association, otherwise known as Chicks With Attitude :) had their Art exhibition at the Barracks and it was a great success. They sold quite a few works of wonderful quality and had a great turn out on their opening.
Our president Philip Salmon opened the exhibition on Friday 7 November and it remained open through the following weekend.
CCC as a group, for just over 3 years hope to one day have the community connections CWA have achieved from their beginnings in 1922.

Friday 14 November 2014

Absolutely amazing turn out for our monthly social meeting last Thursday. Some 23 people mingled and discuss all things art and the warm weather.

Savouries galore were brought along for all to nibble on and two prospective new members were introduced. Ann Harrison convinced April to attend and tell us of her graphic design background. Ann hired April to do some design of Ann's new book.

Iku, (phonetic spelling), from Japan, but now living in Orange, was introduced by Lanny. Iku takes photos of shadows and does calligraphy. She brought along some of her works and we were most empressed. Iku is keen to rent a studio and expand on her artistic talent. In fact Fayah McKenzie could see some of Iku's work imprinted into her garden tiles/steps.

Phil & John presented their first "art house" video. This is a promo piece for CCC and the Barracks. The Director's Cut as we know is always too long and too arty. Some excellent feedback was received which I am told will be implemented and the result uploaded to this site in a week or so.

A reminder to members that your works while on the premises is not covered by insurance and so you should take care of that before it leaves your home.

The first management meeting of the new committee took place and from all reports it went well. A major discussion was held concerning the refurbishment of the gift shop. A design, complete with model, was put forward by Secretary Jola and one very interesting arty piece by Herbert. A committee was formed to further discuss the two options and come to a conclusion as to the most appropriate and functioning design.

Next exhibition will be during the Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival and more on that next month.

Finally a reminder that if you can help out at any time with various tasks that need doing please tell a committee member.

Art! It's all around us, so you don't have to use your imagination, just photograph it, paint it, video it, or simply write about and why not post it to this Blog.


Monday 10 November 2014

Jane Rutter @ Jayes Gallery

Congratulations to Libby  and Hugh at Jayes Gallery in Molong for arranging a musical sojourn with the Santana of the flute, Jane Rutter. It was a nice touch to hear that she had stayed, on regular occasions, at a family friend's farm near Molong in her youth.

She may be small in stature but Ms. Rutter can certainly charm a crowd with her wonderful verbal vignettes of how she got addicted to the flute and reactions from audiences at her concerts. Add in her physical command of various flutes and we received a combination that was pure talent.

  Jane Rutter & a flute that could bust an eardrum in the wrong hands

I've been hanging out to see Jane Rutter in concert for ages and to have been able to be seated at the front was a real treat. Small audience, just like the rich and famous in olden days, was a delight.

I feel music is appreciated a great deal more when preformed in an intimate atmosphere. Libby and Hugh maybe on a winner here. Ms. Rutter has agreed to return, if invited, next time with a few concert musos to back her up - not that she needed it.

After the performance Ms. Rutter duly signed autographs and sold her various CDs including the latest, "Vivaldi - Four Seasons".

Jane with fans of all ages & getting evidence for ARIA officials.

The event included a tasty meal of gambe di pollo, mini spuds, salad, soft brown bread a la maniera Italiana. E il dolce cherra insieme con gelato Australiano and a strawberry with large mint leaf. Very tasty, so a big thanks to the chef and serving staff. 

Keep a look out for the next event by going to the web site

Art it's all around us.


Friday 7 November 2014

I forgot all about our Blog. Growing old is really a pain in the memory bank. Then again I have been busy with a number of projects. In fact can they be called that?

Anyway I have decided to make a conscience effort to post comments on a regular basis about the happenings here at Colour City Creatives. First up let me say the name, Colour City Creatives, has been a topic of discussion for awhile now and we have arrived at the conclusion it stays.

If you missed the Orange Wine Week Exhibition then sad for you as it was spectacular in many ways. New artists have joined our team of Creatives and they supplied works that added a vibrant colour to the Exhibition. We sold a shit load, so to speak. Plus lots of return visits by locals and visitors alike and a few new faces strolled through the gallery areas.

It still surprises me though that new works by Jane Tonks hang and hang and hang in our gallery but few seem to roll over to a sale. Her works are large, I know, so the place to hang is always a question, but with the number of businesses in the Central Tablelands and Central West who could brighten up their premises with art it is a wonder they don't discuss options with artists for possible short or long term loan at a price.

Next up is the ladies from the CWA  and the colour theme continues. I've viewed the paintings this morning as they either lean against the wall waiting patiently to be hung or have already been put up for your enjoyment. Two words describe the works and they are, colour as mentioned, and flowers. Lots of flowers. Everywhere you look it is flowers and enough variety to fill a large garden. Flowers in pots, in the garden, in a bunch, on their own, mixed in with other fauna, standing up, lying down, you name it they've painted it.

Well, not quite. You see there is always one and on this occasion it's Dennis Clayton the artist you have when you need a bit of a laugh. His work is a stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Finally President Phil is setting up an audio and video room in one of the unused studios. The ideea is to produce interesting short videos and later short films. He is calling the venture, "Salmon Flathead". Recent test projects will be posted to the Blog soon.

Take care and make art your passiion.