Tuesday 11 August 2020

Our Artists, part 3 - Aileen Francis

Part of the respected and admired group Rouge Sculptors, Aileen Francis was one of the founding members of Colour City Creatives. Our first treasurer and long time committee member Aileen's background as a scientist, has served her well in the precision she applies to her sculpture work and the perspective science has given her. Her imagination is three dimensional, her creativity and exploration of materials in combination with her three dimensional imagination shows in the shapes that emerge from her home studio. 

When she had a studio at our barracks building it was used for the initial process of sketching and imagining. Sometimes a maquette would be made but the bulk of the work was fashioned in her home studio. Science infuses her art. She loves to work in stone and metal for their physicality and touch, though paper is used often and really, any material that can help express her ideas. Ideas that are full of thought, rhythm the play of planes, shadows and texture.