Tuesday 20 September 2016

Tuesday art @ the Barracks

Our art on Tuesday was a great day. Aileen joined us towards the end but Phil, Iku and Jola spend the day doing their thing. We come together to do whatever we want to, creative in some way but if you just feel like hanging out, well, that's cool too. We talk, we art, we heart what we do.
Phil computerising and Iku painting

Jola with her Mixed Dozen portrait framed

Iku and her hand.... now which is which?

The palette for today

our favourite plate of the day!

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Tuesday at the Barracks

Tuesday at the Barracks is the weekly exchange of ideas and general communal art activity. Today Iku and Jola had fun, Phil mean time was getting the room ready for Isabelle to paint white. She's finished the Peter Gore gallery and now it's the Aida Pottinger gallery's turn for a new coat of paint. The place will look amazing for the Wine Festival group exhibition!
While Phil was climbing the walls behind us, Iku started a project that's been tickling her mind for a few months now and I put a few more lines in the lino.
Iku fleshing out her project :)

Jola's lino block ever so close for a test print

defined Borry's beard a bit today

Iku and her spare hand :)

Phil removing wires and other items before the paint job begins

Sunday 11 September 2016

Open Day

Yesterday was our monthly Open Day.
The day was pretty much miserable with temperatures hovering around 7ΒΊC, with intermittent drizzle to add texture to the day. Phil and Jola were on the morning roster and Iku with Ken in the afternoon.
Actually it was a lovely day for us, as we all mostly huddled in the Aida Pottinger gallery where the heater kept us happy, Susie and David dropped in as did Catherine and Isabelle. Thought we only had 2 visitors they loved what we do and will come back to see our progress and changes in our exhibitions. One lady from Woolongong bought 3 of Joy's beautiful cards and thought coming to see us was a lovely way to complete her visit to Orange.
Phil kept working on our new sign writer machine and finally managed to wrestle it into submission, now we'll be able to create some professional looking and long lasting signage around the Barracks.
I mostly stayed outside and carved away on my block, until a cut to my finger put a stop to it. The cold weather made the block hard and what I needed was the warmth of my studio or a source of heat to make the tools cut rather than chip at the surface

Friday 9 September 2016

Demonstration of art equipment

Our social meeting yesterday, 8 Sept, was taken over by an art demonstration Joy organised for the members.
I don't know why but myself and a few others sitting at the back of the room were overcome by the urge to behave like little children in school.... maybe it was the format, maybe the devil made us do it.....

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Peter Gore Gallery getting a lick of paint

Our brilliant Isabelle has volunteered to paint the Peter Gore and Aida Pottinger galleries and the Peter Gore gallery was first off the block. It is well on the way to looking the best it's ever looked

The amazing thing about white is how light just bounces around in a white room, this isn't our biggest gallery but being white it looks huge! Thank you so much Isabelle, for doing this all by yourself for the benefit of us all!

Monday 5 September 2016

New Look

Just gave our site a spring clean and isn't it wonderful that the sun is out at last?
You might notice that we have additional pages, one for each of the events we open our doors for, let me know if it works for you or if I can make it better.

As the Treasurer and Publicity person it will take me a while to settle into a routine, but Phil assures me it's not insurmountable. But he is a believer that his glass is always full πŸ˜€
So I thought being Polish I might call myself the Polish Publicity Personage or the PPP from the CCC πŸ˜€

Have sent off our 'press release' and entered/updated our information in various online sites, also have placed us on Google as a 'business', all in the hope of getting more people through our gates to see how amazing you creatives are and take some of it home with them.
I'm so proud to be part of a group with such great talent, thank you.

All the artists who took on the challenge of the Mixed Dozen portrait exhibition are powering on.... including me. I have decided to do both Borry and Gaye from Borrodell as there are so many women working in the wine industry but it seems mostly the men are the figureheads.
Mine is a lino block print and I have started my carving, here's the piece so far.
Half the block carved, Gaye done, now for Borry :)
I've also decided to print on paper stained with Borrodell wine, as an extra little touch/link to the subject. This idea has proven more problematic than I thought. If you spill wine on a white tablecloth it's bright and red..... and hard to get out..... but on paper..... not the same.... I'll persevere and hope for happy accidents.

Thursday 1 September 2016

AGM Tonight, Thursday 1 September 5.30pm start

Our Annual General Meeting is on tonight, Thursday 1 September starting at 5.30pm. Judy, our secretary has sent all members the nomination form so do nominate someone for a job on the committee you think they are capable of doing. Sometimes when nominated is the first time the person realises that others think them capable and often do step up. You have a couple of hours left so go ahead and get involved, we'll see you this evening.
We're a great, creative, giving group of human variations so let's have a great start to a new committee and another year of artistic achievements!
See you at the Barracks!