Monday 11 February 2013

What's an art party?

Well, an interesting question indeed! I was aksed this by a reporter who kept referring to our night of debauchery as a Masked Ball..... noo! I replied, not a Ball, an art party! You know! It's where creative folk get together and celebrate art, life and being creative! and that's what we did!

The Barracks are a great place to party and after working all week to hang lights, get atmosphere, collect food... you get the drift, we danced till the wee hours, chatted in corners, laughed and sang, imbibed and nibbled! It was indeed great fun as my poor body let me know for several days after!

If you missed it, then ah well! That's life! We didn't mope around missing anyone but made the most of excellent company, fun people and had a good time which we are all inclined to repeat as soon as we can!

Here's a couple of pics that I managed to take before getting carried away on the dance floor!

 Libby and Hugh from Jayes Gallery of Molong cut a dashing couple in their masks!

Well - see you next time!