Saturday 15 September 2012

Spring into Spring...... last of winter!

Hi all

It's been a hectic 2 months for all the CCC crowd..... first we had our big opening night at the Barracks for Frost Fest.... some pics here below..... courtesy of Edward Cato..... thanks Ed! IOt was a busy night and so glad someone remembered the camera!

This was followed by a week of open studios at the Barracks manned galantly by our artists some of whom were spotted paitning up a storm in the carpark.....

whilst some of the others et up the first ever Popup Gallery for Orange in a local Mall..... thanks to management of Orange City Centre, we were able to talk about art to over 800 people during the week.....

we made some sales which always helps the bad habit we all have of making stuff and kept the wolf from the door for some of the artists! So a big thanks to everyone who helped, who came, who looked, who stopped and encouraged us during the week......

So now we're planning something for Wine Week..... more on this soon..... as soon as we recover fully and get back into the swing of the brush!

Watch this space! Joy!