Thursday 15 December 2022

thank you for supporting the arts

Thank you to you all who love the arts and support your local creatives. Big thank you to all who bought from our creative christmas exhibition, support like that is best! 
We like to show off our art and in 2023, we'll have lots more to show.
May your Christmas be delicious, delightful and delectable and next year filled with art and joy.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Creative Christmas exhibition opens today

 The Creative Christmas exhibition opens today at 10 am and closes at 4, it you can't make it today you still have tomorrow to come and see some beautiful, original, unique pieces for sale. Made by local artists for gifting to your loved ones.

Scouts Hall, 94 Kite Street, Orange NSW

Jude Keogh, ceramics for everyone who loves to eat, put your food on dishes worthy of your imagination!

Judy Kich, cards, tags and bookmarks, in a symphony of blue

Jolanta Nejman, christmas cards for those who like a personal touch

there's art of many media, silk scarves, 100% linen tea towels, christmas decorations, hand made notebooks, lights, gifting made easy!

Toni Bilton, cyanotype prints, each unique and so gently beautiful

Kimberley Ivory, and her stunning glass plates, gosh they're beautiful!

Judy Kich, has made stunning polymer clay earrings, for christmas and beyond!

Toni Bilton, dishes, perfect for nibbles and jewellery

Judy Kitch, christmas decorations and vase lamps, perfect table toppers