Tuesday 19 October 2010


Just to let you know Arts out West have awarded me a Mentorship. This means I get to go and hang out with someone who knows what they are doing in the world of arts development. And thereby learn something about what I am supposed to be doing-and hopefully develop some kind of networking opportunities

Is everyone sleeping?

Wonder where all the artists are? Might just have a nap while I'm waiting

Thursday 23 September 2010

Its just about to happen

Hey everyone this is so close now - all we are waiting for is the occupation certificate from council - this is what i was looking at while I was away as well as lots more stuff -

 These guys are glass artists in Aalborg in Jutland, Denmark - a cosy way to keep warm in the frozen north!

Standby for a meeting - coming soon to the Barracks near you!

Monday 16 August 2010

Want to rent a studio but can't afford it? Then read on....

Today, Aida and I have been contacted by the Australia Council for the Arts! They are coming to Colour City Creative Artspace to talk about funding and grants!

If you have graduated from TAFE or university within the last 3-4 years and you want to kick start your arts career, then this is the day out for you! Please come along on September 9 or 10, we'll let you know the details as they come to hand! Meet with the Australia Council to talk about how you can rent your space, fund your portfolio and a journey to Sydney galleries to introduce yourself and many other ways that you can start to become the artist you were meant to be!

Sigh! If only I was young again......but then it's also for the older artists, you just need to be just out of TAFE or Uni. This would be just what I would love to do! However, I'm not.....I'm the senior artist in the group so I'll be there to help you write those proposals and talk with you how you might go about this!

Aida will be back by then, so let's see if we can get together and get some of you funded and started!

Just email Aida and let her know you will be coming along on the day.....

See you there!

Monday 2 August 2010

Sculptures in the Spring and other times.....

I watched with complete and profound interest yesterday, the ABC documentary on Gaudi's Sagrado Familia in Barcelona. The discussions on how the current architects and builders are uncovering the mathematical workings and natural instincts of Gaudi was extraordinary. So this morning as it was snowing outside, I took some time to Google Earth the Sagrado and look at many of the amazing photos there.What other way is there to spend a winter's day?

I'm quite inclined to get a couple of blocks and have a bit of a go myself. In my younger days, I wanted first to be a sculptor but the vagaries of one's life left me with 'flat' art instead. Not that I mind really as I enjoy flat art and have quite a lengthy practice now behind me. But the urge is still there......

With my interest in sculptures, last year I helped in setting up a sculpture event in town but this only brought home to me how much harder it is for a sculptor than a flat artist to get these large and heavy works around to venues and find sales. So this year, I am helping to set up a 3 month event out at Jayes Gallery in Molong in their purpose built sculpture garden. Entry Forms available from the gallery on 63669093.

This will allow sculptors a space to display there works for several weeks and as we sold most of the sculptures that we removed from the site and set in place at the gallery's garden space, we feel this year's event will give people a chance to exhibit and sell their works.

Taste Canowindra likewise has a permanent venue for sculptors and several of the galleries that I know are looking for sculptures as well. With all this in mind, don't be surprised if you see me in a cloud of marble dust, with hobnailed boots and dungarees on!

Oh, and we are expecting to have sculptures at the CCArtspace too! So pick up those tools and get into it!


Tuesday 20 July 2010

We're on the move

Hey Everyone, Get in now while the going is good Studios are renting now - check your emails please you should have a plan - First in best dressed! $85 pcm you need to have $85 as a deposit and $85 upfront on top of that If you are on SS and long term UE you may be able to get help from your job network puzzle? provider or whatever they are called these days - ask - it can't hurt. There are lots of rules and regulations so make sure you read em before you go committing money to this - there are some variables that may come up such as power and water also internet access if it's needed so allow some extras for those type of things.. Wel I'm off to Paris so I'll see you guys when I get back in September!

Thursday 17 June 2010

A New Project To Get Tied Up With - Controlled Yarn Bombing

Why not Visit Aileen Francis at
and check out the community textile project she is running

The project is to knit enough rectangles to join together and 
make Summer Street banners to be flown down the main street of Orange in May 2011

There are a lot of banner poles so why not get knitting - sewing, weaving, screen-printing, patchwork or whatever your heart desires, and make your own  section -which you can point to proudly and say - I made that one!

Join the community at the 
Orange Regional Art Gallery every Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm
 - make new friends or bring your old ones along-

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Friday 4 June 2010

Check out a new member coming to join us!!!!

Nicole Parkins is an artist from Melbourne who has recently landed on the shores of Orange check out her website here
Nicole is going to join us at 3CInc

Saturday 1 May 2010

What a great initiative!

Hi everyone!

I am so pleased to be able to say that I have taken up a studio space with like-minded souls here in the bowels of NSW, Orange! It will be so great to catch up with you all for coffee and a chat now and then in between bursts of creative work and spurts of energy!

Wow! And a big thanks to Aida the driving force behind all of this! It is so 'about time'....and what a fabulous achievement and a hard job well done! Go Aida!

Sometimes the 'aloneness' of being an artist can make us become very insular and we quite forget what it is to socialise....we often even lose our ability to communicate in words, so engrossed in 'painting' out our every thought and mood. As well, we often forget that there are others out there just the same as us that also need nurturing and this is great!

Being a self professed 'hermit' myself of several years now, I can easily just make my morning coffee and drift around the studio for a day or so....I can even argue with myself and believe that I am still 'sane'.....a good skill but...... now with a place to go, I feel the discipline will be good, the company welcome and a space where we can bounce ideas around, exhibit together and just 'be artists'....well Wow!

My current works are inspired by 'climate change', mostly because I have too much time to read all the news and watch all the doco's on tele.....I'm not gloomy about it at all, I just see it as a natural part of the planet's life cycles, but one that can potentially destroy the meantime though, some of the natural forces at play, some of the images that are being shown, some of the ideas being put forth are extremely thought provoking.......

I find it all quite powerful and rather I am attempting to capture this in my work! Here's a little pic of one!

It's a mixed media work on D'Arches paper but I'd like to try to do it on a larger scale and see how it on with the studio!

See you all there!

Sunday 11 April 2010

Committee meeting - 10 April 2010

The minutes of the committee meeting held yesterday will shortly appear in your inboxes

Wednesday 3 March 2010


We have formed an incorporated Association and henceforth will be known as Colour City Creatives Inc.