Thursday 23 April 2015

FOOD week roundup

Just a quick round up of FOOD week for our group.
We did good, had over 300 visitors over the 9 days of the festival exhibition with two bus loads of visitors this time.... wow! We sold 10 artworks with numerous sales from the shop, a really good outcome for our little group.
Aileen and I, under her instigation have now entered every single item in our shop into the shop book and cross referenced with the receipt books.... yikes! That's 350 individual items in our shop... probably 30 of those are bookmarks but we felt we had to enter every single item.
Anyway.... it's good to have all that over and here's some photos of our beautiful art in case you did not make it to the Barracks this time :)
.... oh and the photos were taken by Maggie Rosso

Tuesday 14 April 2015

David Quinlan photography of the Barracks

Our David has taken a couple of beautiful photos I'd like to share, he saw the light, so to speak :) and his artistic soul sang the song of sunset :)

Wednesday 8 April 2015

FOOD week CCC exhibition ready, come and see something very special

We have been preparing for a few weeks now and on Friday FOOD week festival starts when we open our doors, studios and galleries with an exciting contemporary exhibition. 27 of our artists have contributed to bring together over 100 works that showcase the creativity of the local area.
Opening night on Friday 10 April starts at 7 pm with our exhibition lasting throughout the FOOD week 10 - 19 April. We will be open every day of the festival from 10 am to 4 pm so come and see the exciting, inspiring art the Central West has in abundance.
Time to feast your eyes on a very special collaboration from Colour City Creatives @ the Barracks.