Saturday 27 June 2020

Our Artists part 2 - Beverley Duncan

For our next featured artists may I introduce you to the work of Beverly Duncan, she's one of our most devoted members, with Colour City Creatives since the start, Bev is a creative dynamo. An experimenter and fearlessly expressive, her work has the gentleness of her beautiful soul and the technique of someone who has been painting and learning for all her life. She can do still life, portraits, abstract, landscape. Acrylic or watercolour, studio or plain aire, she is equally comfortable and creative no matter what is thrown her way.
a couple of Bev's works hanging on our Barracks corridor wall

the studio of Bev's wonderful creativity

Wednesday 3 June 2020

our artists

Over the 11 years Colour City Creatives has been going we've had many artists, at a rough count we've had over 80 different members. Some like Bev Duncan have been with the group right from the start, some join us and then life takes them away, like Ella Zeitsev who moved to Tassie.
All unique, all wonderful creatives, experimenters who might paint with coffee, or a fabric artist who created an artistic statement using items women hide from view, like the contraceptive pill as part of embellishment for wearable art.

Let's have a look at a few of our family, ones that were with us and ones that are with us still.
Not all at once of course, it would be too overwhelming. A little focus is a good thing.

Best place to start is at the beginning, with our founder, Aida Pottinger.
Aida now has a studio at home, a beautiful home in Millthorpe she has nurtured and created to showcase her vast creativity and joy of life. If you live in this area you know how special Millthorpe is, if you plan to visit the Central West of NSW, Millthorpe is a village you must visit and if you're lucky you might bump into not only Aida, but other artists too, like Kathryn Master, enjoy wonderful restaurants and history in every street. And their museum is a must for the whole family.