Saturday 26 November 2011

First ever joint exhibition of CCC artists!

Hi everyone!

The first ever joint show of some of the great talent in our group is on show at Jayes Gallery in Molong. It's just a short 20 minutes drive west of Orange and you can catch the show up until 18 December - Wednesday to Sundays 10 am - 4 pm.

If you grab a copy of the CWD today, there's a good article about us as well! It isn't until you see everyone's work together that you realise just how much talent there is in the room. Most of us seem to work at different times in our studios so we rarely see each other or pass in the hall, but I am amazed at just how much has been going on behind those closed doors!

The last meeting held at Phil and Jola's place was a huge success and we laughed away an evening, chatted about a lot of ideas for the future of CCC over a terrific dinner together. The next meeting will be in roughly the same format but more of a Christmas Party type meeting.....

Just bring a plate of Chrissie goodies or a bottle of wine along to Phil and Jola's on Tuesday 13 December at 7.00 pm but be prepared! It's a jolly and a long evening!

Till then...

Pub Officer!

Sunday 11 September 2011

We've got an eye on you!

Hi everyone!

Well while I was away trying to sun myself under gloomy skies in Coffs, you voted me as Publicity Officer! so here's what I think about CCC!

I feel it's time we all pulled together and did some social stuff! I will be writing to each of you this week as soon as they pull the names out of the hat and I ask you to consider very carefully the content of my letter....... it's important we start to DO something TOGETHER.... anything that says 'we are a group and proud of it....'

Yes, yes I know, I know..... there are holdups with the building but you know what, a building doesn't make a 'group', we do, each and every one of us...... so start thinking about what you would like to see happen and let me know......I'll pass it on the tthe Vice Pres, (Phil), he'll pas it onto the Pres (Aida) but together, we can do it!

PS the monthly meeting is on the SECOND Saturday of each month at Moshi Moshi at 3 pm...... great coffee and discounted for members! So see you there in October...... but watch your in tray this week! JOY oh JOY

Friday 12 August 2011

AGM Approaching!......

Well here I am at my desk and looking at Colour City Creatives and pondering..... pondering..... pondering..... where art thou?

The AGM is on on 27th August.... I think it starts at 11 am in the morning...... so in the pondering where the notices are as to the correct time, I'm taking a stab at 11 am.......

I will be away traveling again..... such is the life of an artist..... always seeking the 'new'..... but I just know that there'll be a huge rollup on the day! so good luck to all of you on the start of Year 2!

Aida is off on a cruise! Not sure when she's back.... just hope it's in time..... all positions are open so if you're inclined to be the type to roll up your sleeves, then please nominate yourself..... who to.... ? that's a good question but do nominate even if it's to the wind......

And for all of you who are hoping to take on art as a career..... please read this website first and understand that it is 'wise' 'insightful' and 'right on the money'...... if you've been wondering what's wrong and why your arts career hasn't taken off.... then also read with care!

If you're inclined to want to hang out with a couple of the CCC artists this weekend, then Denis Bradley and I are having an exhibition at Jayes Gallery of Molong opening Sunday at 2 pm..... some fine offerings on show, the usual free grog and nibbles and a bit of a laugh!

If you haven't been to Jayes, then please do as CCC is having a combined exhibition there this December and it could be good to get your head around the space so you know what we are all doing together! It will be discussed at the AGM I'm told so please do!

Take care out there!


Tuesday 3 May 2011

Upcoming Art Party!

Hi Everyone.....

A few of us think we need an art party to get the ball rolling so if you're interested, let us know at the meeting in May! Let's get a few friends, hang a few pictures, stand a few sculptures and have a ball! It's time!

Here's what I'm up to at moment! It's a terrific space to do the dirty work in......

Just dreaming of getting back out there in the scrub! Won't be long now!


Friday 22 April 2011

Creative Space!

Hi everyone!

Well another day at Colour City Creatives Artspace in Orange and what a great day! But where are you all?

I go there 3 or 4 times a week and work away but there doesn't seem to be anyone else around or are you all hard at it and hiding your cars? Aida was there last week but good grief, you would think that you'd be there on a public holiday, after all, the shops are all closed!

Anyway, I do love the space and I really feel like I am at serious work.....the fact that I can use all the turps and smelly inks I like and leave them to dry, and just come back when I am ready is making it much easier for me. Having painted on the kitchen table (like most women seem to do!), it is grand having a real studio once again.....

So I'm taking the Renaissance art of marbling and dusting it off and making it new again! I'm having great fun and I can't wait until I build the BIG tank!

Here's a couple of today's efforts. They'll make great surfaces to explore and build on.....they're still wet!

They remind me so much of Lake Eyre and inland Oz from the air that I feel I'll find wonderful inspiration in them......

So hope to see you all hard at work at CCC soon!

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Meeting at the Barracks this Saturday 11am

At the last meeting we discussed changing the meeting time to Monday evenings as its a crap night on the telly can everyone tell me how they feel about that?

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Sunday 20 February 2011

My new obsession

Ok, just been invited in, so im testing out how to contribute..
Here is a video of a toy I would like to get my hands on..
And this is marble thats being carved!

Next Meeting is March 13 @ The Barracks

Tim Winters is currently getting a second quote for the Fire Certificate.
Gayle and I came up with some ideas for the sponsorship package - now we need you guys to come up with some great reasons for Business to sponsor our Group. One each will do!!!!!