Friday 22 April 2011

Creative Space!

Hi everyone!

Well another day at Colour City Creatives Artspace in Orange and what a great day! But where are you all?

I go there 3 or 4 times a week and work away but there doesn't seem to be anyone else around or are you all hard at it and hiding your cars? Aida was there last week but good grief, you would think that you'd be there on a public holiday, after all, the shops are all closed!

Anyway, I do love the space and I really feel like I am at serious work.....the fact that I can use all the turps and smelly inks I like and leave them to dry, and just come back when I am ready is making it much easier for me. Having painted on the kitchen table (like most women seem to do!), it is grand having a real studio once again.....

So I'm taking the Renaissance art of marbling and dusting it off and making it new again! I'm having great fun and I can't wait until I build the BIG tank!

Here's a couple of today's efforts. They'll make great surfaces to explore and build on.....they're still wet!

They remind me so much of Lake Eyre and inland Oz from the air that I feel I'll find wonderful inspiration in them......

So hope to see you all hard at work at CCC soon!


Anita Craw said...

Hi Joy,
Just thought I would post a comment....I have actually been emailing the C3 gang and yet no response. I have taken off to London for a bit and wanted to let them know I paid a wack of my fees up front.
Anyway can you check they have the correct email address, I haven't received any emails or meeting agendas since I joined up last year!!!!!!! Also I will keep tabs on the blog so I know whats going on etc.

Anita Craw said...

Really like those backgrounds, they would be great to build on. I am trying to pull together an artist portfolio at the moment as I didn't sort it in Australia and there is quite a few opportunities here in London which I want to take advantage of.
Also is there a way that when you post on this blog it automatically's send a little email to everyone to say "Hey you, I wrote something here now look at it"...?