Wednesday 21 May 2014

A Belated Catch up

A belated catch up in case you have noticed a month's absence....
We had a full on FOOD week with record breaking sales of art and during the festival Wanda, Michael and Jola went and painted in the field during the Forage event and we also had out first bus of visitors. There was also a HUGE birthday party for our el presidente :)
Jane Tonks had an exhibition at Jayes Gallery which was soooo beautiful, the most wonderful etchings I've seen for a long time.
And we were visited by a gorgeous warrior princess from the land of mystery :)

happy art lovers
Michael Carroll in the field

Wanda Driscoll and her magic pot of watercolours
Our first bus of art lovers

The night was long, ending past 2 am but boy was it a great party!
Jane Tonks @ Jayes Gallery on opening night

Tim Winters opened the exhibition
Beware the spell of the Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess from a galaxy far far away