Thursday 26 March 2015

With art in every nook and cranny for FOOD Week!

Colour City Creatives will once again open for FOOD Week for a spectacular art show with art on every floor and behind every studio door. It's always a fabulous show of local and state wide talent as our members come from far and wide. We have creatives from Sydney, Lightning Ridge and Canyonleigh. And it's always exciting to see what each fresh new vision the artists bring in for these annual events.

There's something for everyone to see, there's artists to meet and talk with, studios to peek into to get a glimpse inside our private spaces, a cup of coffee or tea when needed and a mini library where you can take a rest and look through our great range of books and art magazines.

Be inspired! Come and join us for FOOD Week in Orange 10-19 April!

A few photos from last show:

David makes an impression in our new addition!

Our new mini library has made an impression on member, David Quinlan as he was discovered reading a very large boo from the collection! A wonderful grouping of art books has been donated by members Bev Duncan, Bev Holland and Joy Engelman to our new min library at CCC.

You can come and browse with a cuppa from the kitchen to find inspiration to fire up those brushes and pens. 

Built by Huebert Huebner, these shelves will stand for a long time as they have a solid and strong design bordering on the sculptural. Impressive indeed!

As well, we can thank Huebert for the great additions to the sales desk at the front! All looking good!

Monday 23 March 2015

new addition to our blog

....... decided to put a Find Us page to our blog, just in case someone wants to..... you know..... find us :)
What do you think?

Sunday 22 March 2015

The Barracks at sunset

While Phil was painting I noticed the sun was so beautiful against the dark sky and so took a few photos of our beautiful building:

New Banner on the way

Phil is painting the new logo on our banner, another small step towards getting ready for the F.O.O.D. week exhibition, you guys getting your art ready?

Friday 20 March 2015

F.O.O.D. week coming up soon time to get ready!

I have just spent half the day getting our promotion out there into the ether and nether :) hopefully it will be picked up by the local papers and all the what's ons :)
Have built up a list from Joy who was a most amazing publicity officer, we ever had and Jane was a great help with who to contact. Banjo was the first time I tried to spread the word and must say that this time it was considerably easier.
Will now spend time getting our time table of what needs doing and when, so get ready for a trickle of emails from your secretary.
This is what I have written... and I'm sorry to say that if there are any mistakes..... tough..... the milk has been spilt :)
And these are the photos I uploaded to tantalise the taste buds:

Saturday 7 March 2015

Looking for a new idea? Inspiration is at hand!

The new reading room is now open and ready to go. David (one of our wonderful artists) took time out to expand his mind and he found himself absorbed in the Impressionists, so absorbed that I was able to sneak up and take a photo of him with his nose in a very large book!

Thanks to the hard work of Hubert Huebner, we now have an amazing sculptural and one of its kind bookshelf to store all those great art books donated by members, Bev Holland, Bev Duncan and myself...... it's better than sitting at home on our own shelves. Now they can be looked through by any of our members looking for that new inspiration..... all that is old is new again!

Pop into the Barracks and join David in the search..... make a cuppa in our kitchen and just kick back and relax! You're always welcome at the Barracks!

Come and browse today!