Wednesday 8 February 2012

Loosen up your approach to Painting and Drawing
Aida will be running Workshops to do this very thing starting in late February/ Early March If you are interested in attending please email me. Cost is yet to be finalised but I'm thinking of a short course say 6 weeks for  $120 - plus you will have to be a member of CCCInc. which will cost you $25 for the year

Getting your confidence back to start Drawing or Painting is sometimes the only thing stopping your creativity. In these workshops we will be approching the mark making process in different ways and with lots of different mediums. You will need to start with a Stable Floor Easel and drawing board or some kind of stand to support your artwork otherwise you will be on the floor. Space is limited and our artworks may be larger than you have been used to.
We will not be using pencils or small paintbrushes - you will need to supply some or all of the following materials in order to gain full benefit of this technique.
A generous quantity of A1 sized card or Paper (think about 5 sheets a session as an absolute minimum)
Gesso or acrylic paint (can be leftovers from decorating or sample tins) Black or White is fine also
Inks  Black + 2 colours
Charcoal/ Chalk
Household Brushes, Large Paint brushes, toilet brushes(new and clean of course) sticks, twigs, feathers, sponges, be inventive - if you can dip it in paint or ink bring it.
Paper plates, containers to hold paints and inks.
Wrapping paper Scrap paper (brown paper or some design you think would go with the other things you are bringing along)

The images in this post include mixed media and oils

some techniques will be messy and may be best done outside