Sunday 25 January 2015

Banjo Paterson Festival preparations 1

We have started to get ready by pruning, weeding, mulching and taking the decorations down from Gallery 2 and the stairwell. Modest beginnings but a good start none the less, more next weekend and through the week :)
Also found a crop of field mushrooms under the bushes, bonus!

Flix In The Stix coming

Hey y'all, the annual Fix in the Stix is coming Saturday 21 February starting at 6 pm. Phil, myself and others go every year and have a fantastic time. You get short films, comedy and music, there's food and drink there but we usually take our own picnic. Just thought to send the opportunity to all youse funsters without actually clogging your mailbox :) We have our tickets already.... and the quality looks even better this year,

Friday 23 January 2015

watercolour class

Joy Engelman held another successful watercolour class at the Barracks, this time in Gallery 1.
From the happy faces and art produced it was another nurturing event from our talented and generous Joy.
If you get a chance to attend one of these, grab the opportunity as you will receive a surfeit of information and guidance from an artist who has had many years of experience and success.

Thursday 22 January 2015

The start of getting ready for Banjo Paterson Festival this weekend

Just sent out the call to arms for the Banjo Paterson Festival to youse all wonderful CCC members.
If I missed some, please let me know. Margie Moon's email address is just not working and Joy's bounced back too, but I tried another which hopefully will hit the target :)
You would have received the schedule and to do list in the email, as you see in this post.
The To Do List will be pinned to the board near the entrance so you can put your name against the jobs you'd like to do to help us all look good.
Bring your wonderful art for exhibition from Saturday 31 January and last day is 4 February. This gives us enough time to curate, make the labels and hang it all.
Need volunteers for the opening night organising too.....
Lets make this another amazing exhibition you creatives :)

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Banjo Paterson Festival, approaches

I can see Joy Engelman, just for a lark,
painting The Man from Snowy River, and The Man from Ironbark.

Of course there’s Jola the linear beast, no doubt her work will be of the geese.
You’ve not heard of the geese that wondered the Doom
to the edge of the Snowy where they were stuffed with prune.

Cosmic Susie will venture into the unknown
and return with Banjo on a side salad with Cohen.
“T’is he”, she says, with lighting smile,
“Go walk the labyrinth, it’s only a quarter mile”.

Then there is Aida a gloomy femme
who paints nude women instead of men.
“Is she here or is she there”, said Banjo on a dare,
“I’d rather she clean out the cupboards with her breasts in the air”.

And what with her hands could Ms Frances do?
Probably depicting young Banjo all covered in poo.
It would be the hat, that everyone knows,
which Frances would build to protect poor Banjo’s toes.

Girls in frocks with bouquet and top
once pounce on young Banjo with their legs almost crossed.
“It’s the hat, the hat that brings us to cry.
For without the hat, young Banjo, would simply die”.