Thursday 22 January 2015

The start of getting ready for Banjo Paterson Festival this weekend

Just sent out the call to arms for the Banjo Paterson Festival to youse all wonderful CCC members.
If I missed some, please let me know. Margie Moon's email address is just not working and Joy's bounced back too, but I tried another which hopefully will hit the target :)
You would have received the schedule and to do list in the email, as you see in this post.
The To Do List will be pinned to the board near the entrance so you can put your name against the jobs you'd like to do to help us all look good.
Bring your wonderful art for exhibition from Saturday 31 January and last day is 4 February. This gives us enough time to curate, make the labels and hang it all.
Need volunteers for the opening night organising too.....
Lets make this another amazing exhibition you creatives :)

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