Thursday 28 June 2018

Hot Chick - short sharp and absurdly funny video

Our Salmon Flathead Productions team has produced their first Art Film: Hot Chick
Put your funny hat on, have your understanding of social commentary nearby and don't forget that pinch of salt!

So proud of those two fish heads or is that flatheads?

Here's some background:
Some time ago the moving picture industry started to include in the final credits all the people and organisations involved in the making of the movie or film. We got talking one day and thought we should do a video with 30 seconds of story and 2 minutes of credits. The story was to be about dog's best friend, but poor Mindi had reached 90 years in human time, was blind in one eye and in pain so was taken to the vet. A substitute was required, hence the bird. Some viewers may regard this video as shithouse, but it is our first "outhouse"

Thursday 14 June 2018

it's not too late to take part in some local exhibitions

If you haven't already there's still time to take part in 2 great local exhibitions.
Orange Regional Gallery has had a call out to local artists to take part in a show called Here, Now 30 June - 15 July 2018.

The Corner Store Gallery has a BLUE - Group Exhibition  9 - 26 August 2018, you can enter: