Sunday 30 August 2015

Orange artists say goodbye to the era of Electrolux

When Jola and Phil first talked with Electrolux reps regarding an exhibition using the factory as inspiration for artworks, they didn't imagine the amazing results that would happen. Everyone was enthusiastic and took their time to fully consider how best to represent the materials as 'ART'

The results have left many of the attending audience bemused, amused and surpirsed. Indeed, one fellow told us that "CCChas some terrific artists who have shown just how creative minds can utilise otherwise useless materials and turn them into something special and new."

The exhibition is now over, but everyone who attended, and there were many have expressed how good this show has been.

So for others to share in this, we provide some photos of the show here.

Liam Dunne with his production graph inspired table leg.

Joy and Bev look through Fayah's looking glass of mosaic

Lanny MacKenzie takes packing strap and other assorted materials and turns them into objects of desire.

From factory floor to basket! Another work by Lanny

Paintings of factory life, painted fridge doors and sculptures were just some of the techniques featured in the show.

Fayah's manipulated images above and below, modern and inspired.

Lanny displays her talents in a number of woven works.

Painting by Ikuko Fujisawa "Interface', the point between danger and safety

Aileen's fun factory in a vegetable cooler

Phil turns factory detritis into amazing lights

Copper and metal sculpture by Natalie Reid

A work by Denis Bradley

and another by Wanda Driscoll

This has been a lot of hard work by a number of dedicated artists to help celebrate 70 years of an integral part of Orange life, the Electrolux factory now due for closure and the loss of many jobs and training areas. So many people have had jobs in this factory over the years and it is a sad day to see it go but unfortunately, it is the way of the world now as people are replaced by robotics.

One does wonder where we go from here...... personally, I feel that we need to return to valuing the handiwork and craftsmanship of local people once more and rebuild a community on valuing each other.

Saturday 8 August 2015

Sculptor and Artist, Aileen creates a strong presence

In an excellent show of colour and strength, Aileen Francis has created an imposing presence in her new mural at the Pilates and Movement Therapy Studio! Her mural depicting the human body in a series of poses which feature the lines and curves of the musculature of fit bodies now covers the wall of the gym.

The mural has brought a new feeling to the gym according to the owner. She said that Aileen's strong artwork has given the gym a wonderful feeling of comfort, warmth and colour while at the same time, provided the patrons with a great artwork to ponder while they strike their own forms.

A great launch today happened with champagne and strawberries raise in a toast to Aileen and her hard work.

Aileen Francis is one of our Colour City Creatives studio holders and our exhibitions regularly display her wire works of the human body.