Monday 16 February 2015

Orange's artists create a wondrous space!

In what has to be the best show yet, and they just keep on getting bigger and better, Orange artists create a wonderful exhibition of local artworks!

Celebrating Banjo Paterson Festival, you have only 2 days left to see just what creative people get up to!

Each artist brings a different way of interpreting the world around us and with such an eclectic grouping of artists and creatives, there's surely something to delight everyone!

Show finishes 4 pm on Tuesday so come and see what the fuss is all about!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Opening night went great, the Banjo Paterson festival exhibition is in full swing

We got the building ready, the art hung, the opening was a great success with 40 people coming through the door to help us celebrate and nibble lots of delicious food made by our talented team, imbibe some fermented grapes or unfermented fruit juice if preferred :)
Sorry about the quality of the photos, I got busy talking to our guests and not only missed the opening speech by our wondrous president but by the time I got my camera it was two hours into the opening and some visitors had left. We didn't start cleaning up until 11 pm though..... so something went right :)

CCC in the local paper

A little group of artists who give their time to make all 56 members of CCC look good. The CWD sent Jude Keogh to photograph us and Alexandra King to write a lovely piece to help promote our opening for the Banjo Paterson Festival.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Celebrating the magic of Banjo Paterson



The Man Speaker

Here I am behind the mic looking at you with total fright.

My sphincter is tightening so hard, I feel my balls may blow apart.

There’s more to life as you know of course

But at this very moment it’s all getting worse.

The more I speak the less you enjoy

This repeating of words that are simply a ploy.

Don’t be disheartened for there is an end

To all the speeches that bore you again, and again and again.


Is it cooked?

I once saw a sausage that rolled on its side

It was all pink and purple, and red besides.

I ate that poor sausage with such a delight

It jumped up and down at my very first bite.

Nice sausage it was with tomato sauce

But not long after I suffered the curse.

If you don’t cook poor sausage all the way through

You end up in hospital trying to poo.


The Death Scene

Return to the sky my beloved Marie

Return to the sky for now you are free.

“She’s dead”, cried the padre with some delight

“She’s dead poor people, so stop the fight”.

“She’s dead”, he said with the sign of the cross

“She’s dead, I say, but no great lose”.

Cry a River

The rivers, the rivers are all drying up

Without our rivers, we’re going to be fucked up.

It’s overpopulation that’s stuffing us up

Stop making people cause our rivers, are drying up.


Saturday 7 February 2015

our new logo and map

our marvellous president has designed a new logo for us, one that we can reproduce easily in any format, paint and elaborate on too
We have produced new flyers and some invites to the opening so if you could pick them up next you're at the barracks and spread the word around the area that would be super
I have re-designed the map too, in another attempt at making it clear where we are and how to get to us :)

Our Banjo Paterson Exhibition opening is in the local Life paper

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Banjo preparations - part 2

All the chains ready for hanging, art coming in, D-ring being placed in our preferred position of 7.5 cm from top of frame to top of D -ring, lots of jobs done already and lots of volunteering artists coming in..... we're a good bunch :)

Our joyous Joy will be leading the curating, no little job as it's two galleries and two floors of corridors to hang; but she will have Judy Kich to bounce off and Liam Dunne to help with the physical part of it. There's a lot of ladder going up and down so it's a blessing that Liam volunteered and lucky him to be mentored by one of our most accomplished and knowledgeable artists, Joy Engelman.