Saturday 15 June 2019

Orange Waste2Art Competition awards night

We went to the awards night last night, which sounds sooo fancy! It was at our Orange library and the dress code was decidedly practical for the Orange winter evening  :)
Phil, Jola, Aileen and Jenny attended, with no expectations, as the entries this year were exceptional! So we were floored that we won 1st in the waste theme category for our "Ceativity Heals" installation as well as winning 1st in the building/sculpture category! woohoo!
Our "Creativity Heals" installation was a group project in which every single person was instrumental in our win. It is so wonderful to be rewarded for having a good time together. Besides winning a small monetary prize we also benefit from everyone who sees the exhibition learning about us. The opportunity to connect with our community was an aim that ran parallel to our concern as artists that creativity can help heal the world. It is up to individuals to make a difference, we certainly can't leave it to our politicians.
Kate Willoughby, without who Waste2Art would not be. Thank you Kate!

Our Mayor came to give prizes and made the evening very special. He has a great kindness about him.

art, nibbles, great cause, a confluence of a lovely evening

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Orange Waste2Art Competition entry by CCCs is UP

We braved the arctic winds of Tuesday, tried not to get distracted by the steam train that drew lots of people to the East Fork railway station.... and here it is.
Jenny Davidson took this fantastic shot of our entry
We have positioned it near our gate and are hopeful the gods of creatives will protect it, in fact we hope this installation will make people curious.

Aileen Francis, a very happy girl, you'd never think the wind chill factor was -2ºC, but that's what creating can do to you, it lights a fire from within and brings joy to your soul.
On site we decided where to position and just by accident the smiley face appeared. A bit of a theme in this project, things changing during creation, as that smile on the face was going to be a crescent moon, but somehow a happy worm appeared. So it was only fitting it next metamorphosed into a beautiful smile :)

Pic showing the positioning of installation in relation to our barracks building, Photo was taken almost on Peisley St, looking at Colour City Creatives Art Gallery and Studios. We're hoping the installation, titled 'Creativity Heals' will make finding our co-op easier.

Monday 3 June 2019

Waste2Art update

We're putting the Waste2Art work up tomorrow afternoon after participants deliver the last of the elements, these will be fixed to the frame in the morning. The photos are a rough guide for the second of the two parts. Both will be joined on-site by further woven pieces. You can come and help, if you like :)
It's been great working together, the work has so much more depth because of the combined contribution.
Thank you Lanny, Jola and Aileen, who have been the backbone of this project and Margot, Iku, Jenny, Jude and Therese who have been a fabulous supporting cast, additionally John with assistance from Phil who will be putting together the visual component for the upcoming exhibition at the Orange Library. I'll post some images of finished work when we've braved the winter weather tomorrow :)

Saturday 1 June 2019

Waste2Art projec is bubbling away

another lovely day spent with our CCC family on our latest wonderful group project
Aileen, John, Jola, Phil, Iku, Margot, Jude, Lanny and Jenny came today and made another burst of creative contribution to our Waste2Art project
it's really special working together :)
how a crescent morphed into a happy little worm.... that's a creative secret only Jude knows  :)

globe by Aileen, Australia by Jola, what a great team

eyes by Trish, peace sign by Margot, little basket by Lanny, Fantales by Cadburys :)

some of the symbols that will orbit around our blue planet

some of the connecting pieces between the major elements

our CCC logo the major element of our installation

Did you notice our new sign?

Did you notice our new sign?
Our visitors sure did, about an hour after Phil and John (super men team) put up one of a series of signs planned for our building, we had a Sydney family visit. It was so delightful as they were effusive in their praise and admiration of our galleries and studios and said the sign was what made them find us


Waste2Art project is on the GO!

The Orange Waste2Art competition is here again! Tavia Lyons gave a few years of her life to organising this event for Orange and when she could not we were saved by Kate Willoughby who stepped into the breach.
So Lanny, Jola, Aileen got together and started the ball rolling by entering our group in the Orange Waste2Art Competition which will be exhibited at our local library. But as usual the mere whiff of a creative idea and our ranks were swelled by Margot, Jude, Iku, Therese and Trish. I don't know what it is, but our CCC family can bubble with enthusiasm at a drop of a palette :)
The project is BIG.
We're creating something special for our fence, which means we can't exhibit with the rest of the entrants. But our ranks of creatives hides many gems. John, Phil and Jenny have willingly joined us to document the project and John will stitch it all into a movie, Jenny will photograph the final piece and get it printed, this then will be what will be exhibited at the Library. Of course we'll provide maps with our entry so keen art and earth lovers can visit the work in situ.
You know, there's something very special in working together. Particularly when Colour City Creatives like other locals in this beautiful area, love where we live. For many reasons, our Earth is in trouble, our rubbish is everywhere. We must try and save the world, heal our planet Earth and inspire people to think about the waste they produce daily. Lets be creative in recycling because putting it in land fill is not the answer.
as it says, this is our proposed design, just a rough guide :)
orientation, day one
the cutting of our grid, Lanny realised early on that doing it directly on the fence with temperatures nearing 0ºC was not going to work well :)

Aileen and Lanny in a contemplative mood

Therese and Aileen working out some of the practicalities
while Jenny took a break from documenting the project to help sort the materials

our working space during the premature winter