Friday 2 August 2013

We've been so busy getting the Barracks ready for Frost Fest, cleaning inside and out it's been just too much to write anything!
We're now half way through the Frost Fest with all work hung and even having visitors in this single digit temperatures of winter in Orange. Amazing how much people love art :)

One of our very talented members, Aileen Francis has been teaching us how to yarn bomb.... who knew! It's a fantabulous thing to do. She first did two panels for the front of out barracks building and our old lady looks so much better for it!.
During the festival Aileen has shared her knowledge and we've had a mini workshop of Tunisian Crochet using her vast collection of yarn. How lucky are we! Judy, Margot, Susie, Joy and moi all sat in the heated Gallery 2 making pieces for our hand rail to hopefully compliment the panels installed by Aileen.

Guess who yarn bombed the cow sculptures which stand proudly at the entrance to Orange city?

The entrance of our Barracks studios looking very fetching :) in Tunisian finery :)
Aileen adding colour to our handrails to compliment her beautiful yarn panels.
Judy, Susie and Joy with Margot out of shot, bonding over some colourful yarn :)

moi, sewing on my little contribution :)
The cow sculptures in their new finery, funny as :D