Friday 15 May 2020

helping each other with online classes

What do you do when you can no longer teach face to face, what can you do?
Well, of course your Colour City Creatives family comes to the rescue. We're such a fab group of varied talents. So when our Lanny Mackenzie, the so very excellent weaver and exceptional teacher had the idea to do online classes, our very excellent Salmon Flathead super duo came to the rescue!
John Dory (aka Flathead) and Phil Salmon (aka all round amazing guy) swam over to keep Lanny's dream afloat. Filming is not a quick process, but good things do take time.
So far 2 classes in the can, but that is only the second step after many days of planning and rehearsals. Now, some or maybe quite some time will be spent in the editing suite but the show's on the road people :)
Here's some pics to pique your interest.
Here's to team work and friendship :)