Thursday 19 November 2015

get together session 3, Tuesday 17 November

Judy, Jola and Iku were joined by Bev to play with mono-printing, hectography and calligraphy. It's great to just hang and do stuff with colour, line, texture and paper. We don't solve world problems, just relax and let the creative juices ooze.....
Iku let me grind her 20 year old ink on her special stone... though I thought it smelled funny she knew it smelled of pine and canola and what colour each would impart on the finished media. It's great sharing knowledge.... maybe we'll rename the day to a sharing knowledge day :)

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Tuesday Print session - Hectograph or Monoprint session 2

Our second session of experimenting with the hectograph print technique or monoprinting, same really.
Judy Kich, Ikuko Fujisawa and moi gathered our equipment and imaginations and did some printing at the Barracks on yesterday.
It's creative, loosening, exciting, fun and produces some fantabulous textures in most unexpected ways. Plus as a bonus it's quick, so in our 3 to 4 hours we end up with 6 to a dozen prints from which other art can spring.
You get so focused and precise with technique and creativity that spontaneity becomes a bit elusive as the years go by. So Tuesdays are our go off the tangent, have fun with art, experiment and interact days.
If you want to join us, please come, we start at 10.30 am at the Barracks every Tuesday and go until about 2 pm or longer sometimes.... depends....

Aida dropped in and had a play with a bit of hectograph monoprinting  :) We even had a little go with my new pyrography tool.... but I need better wood... pine is weird....soft with hard ridges.... though Aida suggested using it on paper/card.....hmmmm