Friday 16 November 2012


 It won't be too Slow this Summer in Orange, besides a wonderful number of artistic events, fun and games galore, what better to top it all off than a celebration with friends......

During the Fringe Festival, yes, you did hear correctly, Colour City Creatives, that talented and fun group of artistic folk in Orange are holding a huge party along the theme of a masquerade in Venice! There'll be music, dancing by moonlight, liaisons in the dark, masks and costumes (if you must!) and lots of art, food and wine all on a balmy summer's eve at the Barracks Gallery! Saturday 2 February 2013 at 7 pm till late!

For those who don't have a mask and want to come along incognito, there's also a mask making workshop the weekend before to make sure you look your absolute best on the night!

So if it's art, fine food and wine, masked madames and music, then forget the Venice Biennale, forget the tiring journey in a stuffy plane, forget the tedium of life for a while and join us in Orange for a Night in Venice!

When: Saturday 2 February 2013 at 7 pm
Where: The Barracks Gallery & CCC Studios, 2B Peisley Street, Orange NSW Australia
Cost: Gold Coin unless otherwise decided..... so please check.....

Everyone Welcome!

Friday 9 November 2012

Wine Week open days @ the Barracks building

We had a great time during our Wine Week open days, here's some photos of artists and the art. During the 10 days we were open we painted in our studios and out in the car park greeting one and all who came to enjoy our exhibition. Now recuperating from all the work put into the event and getting ready for the next one, Slow Summer in January 2013 :)

Thursday 18 October 2012

Welcome to CCC Open Studios for Wine Week!

If you are visiting Orange Region during Wine Week and you love art, then don't forget to come and visit Colour City Creatives Open Studios.

With over 35 members, and all of them pursuing the arts in many many differnet ways, you are sure to find something that appeals to your art gene at the Barracks Gallery during this week and next. CCC is only open for the festival weeks in Orange each year as the rest of the time, the Barracks are working artist studios where creative people pursue their dreams and passions. So don't miss out on this chance!

Saturday 15 September 2012

Spring into Spring...... last of winter!

Hi all

It's been a hectic 2 months for all the CCC crowd..... first we had our big opening night at the Barracks for Frost Fest.... some pics here below..... courtesy of Edward Cato..... thanks Ed! IOt was a busy night and so glad someone remembered the camera!

This was followed by a week of open studios at the Barracks manned galantly by our artists some of whom were spotted paitning up a storm in the carpark.....

whilst some of the others et up the first ever Popup Gallery for Orange in a local Mall..... thanks to management of Orange City Centre, we were able to talk about art to over 800 people during the week.....

we made some sales which always helps the bad habit we all have of making stuff and kept the wolf from the door for some of the artists! So a big thanks to everyone who helped, who came, who looked, who stopped and encouraged us during the week......

So now we're planning something for Wine Week..... more on this soon..... as soon as we recover fully and get back into the swing of the brush!

Watch this space! Joy!

Saturday 18 August 2012

Frost Fest was a hot time in the arts :)

The CCCs were super busy over the Frost Fest celebrations in Orange this August.
We not only had the Barracks Studios open, but managed a Pop Up Gallery at one of the most frequented shopping centers in Orange, in addition to contributing art towards the Fire and Frost exhibition at the Function Centre.

Though they only had a few days to organise it, Joy and Derek did a fab job with our first instant gallery. So popular was the Pop Up Art Gallery that we had a welcome extension for an extra week. Today it was womanned by Jan who by lunch time counted almost 100 people through the doors!

Some dedicated artists put in a lot of work and time to prepare and keep both gallery spaces going, from which all artists benefit. Thank goodness for the selfless ones in our midst and the ones who could steal a few hours from their busy lives :)  They are now looking forward to the time back to their other life, the one that fills their soul with joy and the canvas with colour :)

Below are a couple of photos from the opening night at the start of Frost Fest.

Sunday 29 July 2012

What a howler of an eve!

Huge! Huge! Huge night! So if you missed out, here's a link to the photos! Check it out! Well done!

But wait! There's mre next Friday night as well! Different art! New crowd! Cyu at 7 pm!

Monday 16 July 2012

Frost Fest Exhibition & Open Days!

Colour City Creative Artists are opening their studios and galleries to the public from 3 August through to Sunday 12 August to celebrate Frost Fest in Orange! With over 15 working artist studios to explore, 2 galleries of fabulous art from over 21 artists, the day will fly by.

Previous visitors to the studios have been astounded at what they found and also the time they needed to spend just to get around it all! So beware, be prepared to spend a few hours talking about, looking at and exploring art in this fine historic old Railway building in the middle of East Fork at Orange - right between the lines so to speak!

There are over 30 members to the group and many of them will be there to tell you what inspires them, how they paint, why they love 'art'. There'll be a chance to catch some of them painting on the day as well.... so come along and join us for a fabulous day out!

Friday 3 August
Opening Night Art Party
to celebrate being alive and being an artist!
From 7 pm
join us for fine food and wine from the Orange Region!

Saturday 4 August through to Sunday 12 August
the studios and galleries will be open for you to pop by
10 am - 4 pm daily.

It's all FREE! 
(but we would love a gold coin dropped in the bucket at the door fr a worthy cause if you feel inclined!)

See you in Orange at the Frost Fest!

Sunday 15 July 2012

Chris Bennetts "JUICED" at the Barracks! Don't miss this one!

You are invited to attend
an insider look at Orange's deeper secrets!

Juiced will be on display at 
The Barracks Galley
at the southern end of Peisley Street 
Friday, July 27, to Sunday, July 29.

The opening night will be held on Friday, July 27 
with guests asked to arrive at 6pm for a 7pm start.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

What do you call a 'gathering' of artists? An Art Party!

And that is just what we are going to have on Saturday evening 14 April from 7 pm at the Barracks Gallery, Colour City Creative Studios, East Fork in Orange!

This is to celebrate the opening of the studios to the public for the very first time each day of FOOD WEEK! Never before have so many artists working in one building given access to people to see how they work, why they work and when they work. You can discuss with the artists first hand how they think, what inspires them, what tecniques they use, what materials..... they might even let you have a go!

But each day from 10 am - 4 pm from 15 April to 22 April, you will find a treasure trove of ideas, creativity, fun and laughter..... it's FREE to come and see! so make it a date now in your calendar and let's see you there!

But oh, first there's a big party to celebrate on Saturday eveing at 7 pm...... cyu there also!

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Loosen up your approach to Painting and Drawing
Aida will be running Workshops to do this very thing starting in late February/ Early March If you are interested in attending please email me. Cost is yet to be finalised but I'm thinking of a short course say 6 weeks for  $120 - plus you will have to be a member of CCCInc. which will cost you $25 for the year

Getting your confidence back to start Drawing or Painting is sometimes the only thing stopping your creativity. In these workshops we will be approching the mark making process in different ways and with lots of different mediums. You will need to start with a Stable Floor Easel and drawing board or some kind of stand to support your artwork otherwise you will be on the floor. Space is limited and our artworks may be larger than you have been used to.
We will not be using pencils or small paintbrushes - you will need to supply some or all of the following materials in order to gain full benefit of this technique.
A generous quantity of A1 sized card or Paper (think about 5 sheets a session as an absolute minimum)
Gesso or acrylic paint (can be leftovers from decorating or sample tins) Black or White is fine also
Inks  Black + 2 colours
Charcoal/ Chalk
Household Brushes, Large Paint brushes, toilet brushes(new and clean of course) sticks, twigs, feathers, sponges, be inventive - if you can dip it in paint or ink bring it.
Paper plates, containers to hold paints and inks.
Wrapping paper Scrap paper (brown paper or some design you think would go with the other things you are bringing along)

The images in this post include mixed media and oils

some techniques will be messy and may be best done outside

Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Joy of Books

Something to think about - creativity only takes effort - not stuff!

Saturday 28 January 2012



In a market where everyone tells us artists at the bottom rung that "art is dead" and "art sales are down" and "no-one is interested in art anymore!", it was refreshing to see more than 120 people, art lovers alike,squeeze their way through the various spaces at the Barracks Gallery and Studios last night. Fuelled with champagne, excellent Orange Region wine and yummy nibbles, it was a night of celebration and good cheer.

It seemed the whole studios and galleries were filled with laughter and chatting and all the usual emotions and feelings that we associate with a grand art event. As they explored the various studios that were open, I heard many comments on how great this is for Orange!

And yes, it'sgreat for all of us and anyone who loves art. The project has and willbe a great success with many things already planned for the future. Thanks to everyone on the team for the effort to bring this together and for all who came and boosted our energy with their enthusiasm and support.

Oh and yes, some sales of art were made which means that there are still people out there who love "real aRt!"

Wednesday 11 January 2012


Grand Opening Night & Celebrations!
Art Exhibition, Champagne and Nibbles!
Live Music!
Colour City Creatives at the Barracks Gallery
The newest thing to hit the Orange Art Scene!
Friday 27 January 2012
6.30 pm
All welcome!

Monday 9 January 2012


The first meeting for 2012

Tuesday at 6.30 pm at
the Barracks
artspace, studios and gallery

Bring somechampagne and a plate of goodies
to nibble on as the committee unfolds

But prepare to be amazed!