Friday 4 April 2014


Peter Marr was caught hard at work hanging out one of the mini galleries at the expanded bigger and better than ever Art Exhibition Extraordinaire that Colour City Creatives Inc puts on for FOOD WEEK each year in Orange! This is a fabulous show with over 100 paintings sculptures and other arty items on display! It showcases the wonderful talents of many of the best artists in the region for the duration of the festival.

Gallery One with an astoundingly beautiful work by the talented artist Jane Tonks, a seat to allow you time to take in the view and two serene works by Gillian Hatton at the other end of the gallery. This gallery is sure inspire you! There are two main galleries and three mini galleries to explore along with several artists' studios to get your juices going!

The gift shop has a wonderful selection of hand printed limited edition fine silk scarves from some of our artists along with cards, tea towels, aprons and small works. These all make excellent presents when looking for that something special!


 Joy Engelman was discovered painting away as usual in the quiet of her studio surrounded by recent works and a new sculpture..... Currently Joy is working towards an exhibition to be held in Woollahra later this year.

In Gallery Two, a display of limited edition fine silk scarves featuring the works of Jola Nejman,  Judy Kich, Josephine Jagger-Manners and Joy Engelman will delight you with their brilliant colours and soft touch. A selection of mosaic stepping stones for the garden from Fayah McKenzie.

With several of the artists opening their studios, this is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of an artist's life and mind..... yes, we do get in a mess.... art is a messy business..... 

So please feel free to come along and join us during FOOD WEEK 4-14 April!

Opening Night - Saturday 5 April at 7 pm - Join us for drinks and nibbles!

Wednesday 2 April 2014

getting ready for FOOD week exhibition

Ooooo FOOD week is almost upon us, have we been idle? nooooooo :)  The usual team has turned up starting mid March and getting the grass cut, the previous exhibition down, the new art arriving, cleaning etc. Thea Bourne has vacuumed upstairs, Bev Duncan managed to squish her fingers in the front door, but we checked and she's good :)  I heard that Margot Huebner was bitten by a wasp while helping..... we've had a bit of collateral damage this time, oopsie..... no pain no gain :(
Phil Salmon and Peter Marr have cut, routed and painted picture rails for 3 studios yesterday and 2 more today. With the help of John Da Rin the picture rails were put up. Steve Gosch has been mowing all around the barracks, as with the rain the grass will grow :)  The roses look spectacular thanks to Michael Carroll :) Joy Engelman with the help of Susie Hillenbrand has been curating and overseeing all the promotion and goings on. So woohoo we'll be opening on Friday at 10 am and having our Opening on Saturday at 7 pm. So do come and enjoy the fruits of our labour of love :)
Mindi is watching......

the new flower arrangements, by moi :)
I'm watching you :)

El Presidente Phil Salmon, Peter Marr on the ladder and John Da Rin, the wonderful three :)

Measuring, cutting, routing, painting..... boys and their toys :)

bit of fungus on a stump near the chopping ground

the chopping ground; some random weed that grew too big is now no more

another art lover drops by
the roses looking oh so pretty at sun down

how beautiful are our roses?

Our silk scarves have arrived!

A group of us took a gamble with printing digitally in China. Joy, Phil and I did it in India first, last year, but the cost of getting them to Australia was almost too expensive. It seems India does not have a reliable Postal Service so we had to pay for a courier to get them here.
This time Joy Engelman, Josephine Jagger-Manners, Judy Kich and myself, Jolanta Nejman, took the plunge and got some scarves printed with our artwork.
We're very happy, beautiful print job and the scarves were hand hemmed too!
Judy, Josephine and Joy's scarves in all their glory

I took the plunge and got two of my artworks translated into scarves

a happy Joy Engelman

Jolanta Nejman draped in silk chiffon :)

long time between posts :)

Though it's been a long time between posts the creative process continues, caught Thea creating with pastels in her studio last month. She does the most extraordinary works using pastels and her fingers...... her poor fingers which by the end are blistered in the name of beauty :)
the artist at work

our Thea and her box of tricks
such amazing control!