Wednesday 2 April 2014

Our silk scarves have arrived!

A group of us took a gamble with printing digitally in China. Joy, Phil and I did it in India first, last year, but the cost of getting them to Australia was almost too expensive. It seems India does not have a reliable Postal Service so we had to pay for a courier to get them here.
This time Joy Engelman, Josephine Jagger-Manners, Judy Kich and myself, Jolanta Nejman, took the plunge and got some scarves printed with our artwork.
We're very happy, beautiful print job and the scarves were hand hemmed too!
Judy, Josephine and Joy's scarves in all their glory

I took the plunge and got two of my artworks translated into scarves

a happy Joy Engelman

Jolanta Nejman draped in silk chiffon :)

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