Monday 18 December 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How to feel fulfilled as a human being = time with friends

Our Christmas party was a joy and I can confidently say that we all had a great time. We all brought a small present and then at the end of the evening each chose a present from the table, so the cheer was spread and multiplied! The food was delicious, the company full of joy. The happiness spread liberally and sprinkled with laughter. It's great to spend some time with friends.

Sunday 10 December 2017

How to feel fulfilled as an Artist

I found some interesting words on that hugeness that is the internet and chose to not only keep them, but to share. The credit for these words I cannot attribute, but I wish I could thank whoever thought to write them:

Saturday 9 December 2017

Open Day

Being farmers market day today in Orange, we opened our gallery and spent some time together and with our visitor art lovers.
Phil and John mowed our, way too tall grass, which was so tall it was amazing they did not get lost in it!
Maggie and Lannie tidied and cleaned up the place a bit and I beheaded our rose bush and put our book in the shop. It was a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

People's Choice winner

The People's Choice winner "Sunset Over The Vineyard" by Robert Keen, executed superbly in his signature pastels media, has been photographed. But please forgive me as it is framed under glass I did my best to photograph it then I did my best to get rid of reflections but it is nowhere near as beautiful in my photo as it is in real life.
So do take the time to come to the Barracks and feast your eyes on the sumptuous colour, fabulous composition and the mastery of pastel that Robert has.

Monday 27 November 2017

Winner of People's Choice 'Terroir' landscape exhibition announced

The winner of our People's Choice for the 'Terroir' landscape exhibition was announced and awarded a certificate and a cheque for $100 at our last social meeting.
My apologies for not writing sooner but life intervened....

Robert Keen was the artist our visitors loved the most and it is easy to see why. He did a beautiful landscape for the exhibition in the Gore gallery. A gorgeous sky..... sorry.... I don't have a photo to show off....I'll take one tomorrow and post it asap.
It was delightful to see our Robert so happy!

We counted over 300 votes and he pipped us all, but it also shows how many people come and see our art. Possibly over that number as not everyone voted and some did not quite understand that they had to put the number 1 only once ☝  maybe they just loved too many 👍

Sunday 19 November 2017

Water for Life International Art Exhibition 2018


My name is Joy Engelman and I am one of the CCC artists with a studio at the Barracks in Orange NSW.

Here is an introduction to the "Water for Life" Exhibition in which I will be representing Australia next year.

My work will feature the dryness of our landscape, the great outback areas.... Oz is the driest island/continent on earth and our underwater aquifers are very very precious! I hope my work helps raise the consciousness of people and helps to make fresh water an important issue all around the world.

Monday 30 October 2017

CCC Exhibiting Members Portfolio Book

After the genius idea and eventual printing of the first CCC Book in 2012 we have decided to compile another one. The first was done by Joy Engelman and went through 2 re-prints before our membership changed and grew to the point that we were no longer able to sell it.
If you're an exhibiting member and are not part of this project, you still have a chance to contact Jola and be included. Here's what some of the pages look like so far, they can still change, but just to give you a taster :)

Friday 27 October 2017

Wine Festival is over

The Wine Festival is wrapped up, we had over 300 people through our doors, at least that many voted for the People's Choice in the Terroir Landscape exhibition! So probably there were more who came to see local art at Colour City Cratives but not all voted. We sold lots of art and the gift shop did really well too, one of our best exhibitions!
After the mammoth effort from our members we continued our Pot Luck Dinner celebration on closing night for all the exhibiting artists who still had some energy left. The president, secretary and treasurer although out of town on business made it back just in time to enjoy delicious food, delightful company and lots of fun conversation.
As always, it's well worth the effort!