Tuesday 27 February 2018

so much happening so little time to do it in

so much is happening and so little time to do it in that news is just not being communicated here..... apologies

The latest happening at our Barracks was, the successful Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival, group exhibition and our now standard and excellent themed exhibition:
Poems to Paintings challenge. Those who chose to pick up the challenge for a chance to go in a new direction are some of our best artists and the artwork was so excellent we might think of making this a permanent fixture of this unique and original festival of Orange.
It's not as well attended as the FOOD and Wine ones but maybe it's because the visitors to Orange might consume and therefore enjoy more food and wine than poetry. In time we all learn that poetry and art feed the soul, so we should enjoy an equal measure of all four: art, poetry, food and wine. Liberally sprinkled with good company.
Trish Lovecek: "Mulga Bill's Bicycle"

Jenny Davidson: "End Of An Era"

Heather Dunn: "The Daylight Is Dying"
I'll go to the Barracks now and take some more photos to dazzle you with our member's talent :)