Saturday 14 July 2018

AGM is done and dusted

Our AGM is done and dusted. Not the highest attendance but certainly one of the most participatory and lively gatherings.
Our new committee has been elected and we will see some great changes and goals set by the new team. They will bring a renewed energy and new ideas that will make our group even better.
Philip Salmon has agreed to be our president for another year and that is very good as his vision has led our varied bunch to great achievements. It is also good because it gives some continuity to the new group.
His latest coup was to purchase a full compliment of framing equipment which will be set up in the Loco building and save our members a ton of money in framing costs.
Watch this space for more good news through the year.

Below are those who will lead us into a shiny new creative future and we wish them lots of fun:
President - Philip Salmon
Vice President - Fayah Mckenzie
Secretary - Heather Dunn
Treasurer - Lanny Mackenzie
Committee Member - Jenny Davidson
Committee Member - Ikuko Fujisawa
Committee Member - Margot Huebner 
Committee Member - Jude Keogh
Committee Member - Trish Lovcek
Committee Member - Hank Spirek