Monday 16 August 2010

Want to rent a studio but can't afford it? Then read on....

Today, Aida and I have been contacted by the Australia Council for the Arts! They are coming to Colour City Creative Artspace to talk about funding and grants!

If you have graduated from TAFE or university within the last 3-4 years and you want to kick start your arts career, then this is the day out for you! Please come along on September 9 or 10, we'll let you know the details as they come to hand! Meet with the Australia Council to talk about how you can rent your space, fund your portfolio and a journey to Sydney galleries to introduce yourself and many other ways that you can start to become the artist you were meant to be!

Sigh! If only I was young again......but then it's also for the older artists, you just need to be just out of TAFE or Uni. This would be just what I would love to do! However, I'm not.....I'm the senior artist in the group so I'll be there to help you write those proposals and talk with you how you might go about this!

Aida will be back by then, so let's see if we can get together and get some of you funded and started!

Just email Aida and let her know you will be coming along on the day.....

See you there!

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