Tuesday 26 September 2017

Painterly workshop with Tim Winters

I don't remember why there were only 5 of us but Margot, Isabelle, Judy, Jude and Jola did a Painterly Printing workshop with Tim Winters. Phil came too, to record the wonderful event. We covered mono printing, etching, relief printing and combined the techniques over 2 days, 23-24 September, only just this last weekend.
Some of us spent Saturday night in Stuart Town and were privilidged to have dinner made by the multi talented Lynne.... who knew she was not only a print artist but an installation artist who produced a table of aromatic, delicious mezze? Unfortunately the day was more mentally taxing than I expected and by 10 pm I had to concede defeat and instead of continuing with our far reaching conversation, crawled to bed as my brain and eyes refused to function any more.
Over the weekend, Tim took us on a basic meander and exploration of printing theory and technique that felt more like an adventure and was so fun! But walking a new path takes a lot more effort than you care to admit, especially as it was sprinkled with laughter and delicious food breaks!
I want to do it again!

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