Monday, 3 June 2019

Waste2Art update

We're putting the Waste2Art work up tomorrow afternoon after participants deliver the last of the elements, these will be fixed to the frame in the morning. The photos are a rough guide for the second of the two parts. Both will be joined on-site by further woven pieces. You can come and help, if you like :)
It's been great working together, the work has so much more depth because of the combined contribution.
Thank you Lanny, Jola and Aileen, who have been the backbone of this project and Margot, Iku, Jenny, Jude and Therese who have been a fabulous supporting cast, additionally John with assistance from Phil who will be putting together the visual component for the upcoming exhibition at the Orange Library. I'll post some images of finished work when we've braved the winter weather tomorrow :)

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Unknown said...

Lots of fun and lots of work has gone into this, come have a look.