About Us

Our vision is to be a recognised, valued, inspirational and inclusive arts organisation connecting creativity with community.

Colour City Creatives is a community based artist run initiative providing affordable studio space, exhibition opportunities and artist support.  Based at The Barracks in Orange, the organisation offers opportunities for artists to engage in contemporary professional practice and undertake both formal and informal development, while participating in the social network of an organisation which is a proactive community player.
We are a group who support each other, sharing a passion to learn and explore contemporary art.

The Beginning:
Our founding group was Aida Pottinger, Aileen Francis, Heather Pike, Nick Prusiak and Christine Wade.
Our beginning was the vision of Aida Pottinger who after completing an art course at TAFE felt she did not want to lose the camaraderie of working with other artists. So she began a search for a suitable building. In June 2009 Aida finally completed the negotiation for “The Barracks” building and by November 2009 CCC Inc. was born.

The building has had a long and rich history mainly as the sleeping quarters of rail workers and after sitting empty for 5 years needed ‘a bit’ of cleaning and adjustment to house a bunch of rambunctious artists.

Our first group exhibition was held on 27 January 2012 thanks to Joy Engelman and Philip Salmon who were the driving force in getting the building ready, with lots of support of our family of creatives.

Opening Times:
We are open every Orange festival, which is:
Banjo Paterson Festival in February,
F.O.O.D. Week in April
Apple Festival in May and
Orange Wine Festival in October
from 10 am to 4 pm.

Also open every Orange Farmers Market Saturday, which is:
every second Saturday of every month
from 10 am to 4 pm.
If you ring us we can open by appointment outside all the above times.

If you have any questions, email the secretary(at)colourcitycreatives(dot)com
or call us on 02 6362 7354

Our address is: 2b Peisley Street Orange NSW 2800,
please drive carefully over the rail line :)
If you'd like to see some moving pictures about us, a friend of ours has made a movie of our building with his drone: Eyetrix Drones at The Barracks

And for a bit of history, our very first exhibition which was opened by our founding member, Aida Pottinger