Thursday, 3 September 2020

Alive and Creating group exhibition @ WayOut ArtSpace Kandos

A group of Colour City Creatives did a road trip to Kandos to put up their "Alive And Creating" contemporary group exhibition in the WayOut ArtSpace.  While in Kandos do explore the Kandos Museum, manned by the loveliest and most knowledgeable locals.

The exhibition runs 3 - 26 September, every Thursday - Saturday 10am - 2pm. 

WayOut Art Space is at 71 Angus Avenue, Kandos NSW in a beautiful big yellow building.

Colour City Creatives contemporary art group are regionally located, world-wide connected and they want everyone to see art live and in full colour. They are taking the joy of seeing art live to the people. Going to a gallery is safe, boosts our immunity and  enriches your imagination. Take a little road trip interstate to Kandos, see beautiful countryside, green from recent rains and escape the isolation Covid-19 forced upon us. You will get some good country colour therapy with a dose of contemporary art by a group of passionate artists from Orange.  

Let’s banish the covid blues and fill our lives with colour again… while still maintaining distance.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Our Artists, part 3 - Aileen Francis

Part of the respected and admired group Rouge Sculptors, Aileen Francis was one of the founding members of Colour City Creatives. Our first treasurer and long time committee member Aileen's background as a scientist, has served her well in the precision she applies to her sculpture work and the perspective science has given her. Her imagination is three dimensional, her creativity and exploration of materials in combination with her three dimensional imagination shows in the shapes that emerge from her home studio. 

When she had a studio at our barracks building it was used for the initial process of sketching and imagining. Sometimes a maquette would be made but the bulk of the work was fashioned in her home studio. Science infuses her art. She loves to work in stone and metal for their physicality and touch, though paper is used often and really, any material that can help express her ideas. Ideas that are full of thought, rhythm the play of planes, shadows and texture.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Our Artists part 2 - Beverley Duncan

For our next featured artists may I introduce you to the work of Beverly Duncan, she's one of our most devoted members, with Colour City Creatives since the start, Bev is a creative dynamo. An experimenter and fearlessly expressive, her work has the gentleness of her beautiful soul and the technique of someone who has been painting and learning for all her life. She can do still life, portraits, abstract, landscape. Acrylic or watercolour, studio or plain aire, she is equally comfortable and creative no matter what is thrown her way.
a couple of Bev's works hanging on our Barracks corridor wall

the studio of Bev's wonderful creativity

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

our artists

Over the 11 years Colour City Creatives has been going we've had many artists, at a rough count we've had over 80 different members. Some like Bev Duncan have been with the group right from the start, some join us and then life takes them away, like Ella Zeitsev who moved to Tassie.
All unique, all wonderful creatives, experimenters who might paint with coffee, or a fabric artist who created an artistic statement using items women hide from view, like the contraceptive pill as part of embellishment for wearable art.

Let's have a look at a few of our family, ones that were with us and ones that are with us still.
Not all at once of course, it would be too overwhelming. A little focus is a good thing.

Best place to start is at the beginning, with our founder, Aida Pottinger.
Aida now has a studio at home, a beautiful home in Millthorpe she has nurtured and created to showcase her vast creativity and joy of life. If you live in this area you know how special Millthorpe is, if you plan to visit the Central West of NSW, Millthorpe is a village you must visit and if you're lucky you might bump into not only Aida, but other artists too, like Kathryn Master, enjoy wonderful restaurants and history in every street. And their museum is a must for the whole family.

Friday, 15 May 2020

helping each other with online classes

What do you do when you can no longer teach face to face, what can you do?
Well, of course your Colour City Creatives family comes to the rescue. We're such a fab group of varied talents. So when our Lanny Mackenzie, the so very excellent weaver and exceptional teacher had the idea to do online classes, our very excellent Salmon Flathead super duo came to the rescue!
John Dory (aka Flathead) and Phil Salmon (aka all round amazing guy) swam over to keep Lanny's dream afloat. Filming is not a quick process, but good things do take time.
So far 2 classes in the can, but that is only the second step after many days of planning and rehearsals. Now, some or maybe quite some time will be spent in the editing suite but the show's on the road people :)
Here's some pics to pique your interest.
Here's to team work and friendship :)

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The way we were

If you don't go to our Facebook page you would have missed a little movie made from photos taken in 2012.
At that time the railway precinct was only occupied by Colour City Creatives.

Since then the Lachlan Railway Preservation Society have taken the remainder of the area and have grand plans. Have a look on their website:
"Lachlan Valley Railway are ready to head to Orange East Fork Depot to create a new operating base in the Central West. From the new base we can expand our operations in the Central West with more diesel, steam and railmotor tours."

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

a little Autumn tidy

Phil and Jola went to the Barracks again, this time to do a little clean up outside. Jola did a rose trim and a little weeding which took all of half an hour while Phil spent 3 hours mowing the grass! 
Next on the task list is some whipper-snipping! 
For him that is..... she's going to continue doing some art in the studio :)

Thursday, 26 March 2020

A glimpse of 'Alive And Creating' Colour City Creatives group art exhibition

we cannot do it live this month, you know why......
but here's a taste of what is coming...... and
we are going to do it in the near future, hopefully in October, so watch this space!

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

"Alive And Creating" exhibition cancelled due to COVID-19

Colour City Creatives is complying with the recommendations of national and state health authorities about managing the COVID-19 crisis.
In view of this we have taken the regretful measure to cancel the upcoming “Alive And Creating” art exhibition at Borrodell Vineyard Cellar Door building. Our hope is to postpone and inform you of the new date as soon as we can.

keep healthy,
keep happy
keep creating

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

'Alive And Creating' art exhibition

Alive And Creating
This year during Autumn, Colour City Creatives will be collaborating with the local entrepreneurial legends Gaye and Borry to mount an exhibition in their expansive cellar door space at Borrodell. Tim Winters a world renowned painter and printmaker will be opening the Alive And Creating exhibition.
Alive and Creating is a group exhibition of local artists who want to celebrate and share what living through the seasons looks like, feels like and is like. It is inspirational to be living in a town, located in a gently undulating landscape and whose name also means a colour. A colour that’s an important part of the rainbow! The Orange Autumn colours are a jazzy blend of warmth, Winter uses a monochrome palette, Spring softens the stark lines of trees with a dusting of green and gentle blossoms, finally Summer engulfs us in a riot of hues.
Come and meet the artists, enjoy the glorious view at Borrodell and if you’re peckish after the opening, the Sisters Rock Restaurant is only across the courtyard and has splendiferous food!

Colour City Creatives is a self-run cooperative of Orange and surrounds and consists of painters, weavers, video artists, poets, photographers, glass artists, clay artists and sculptors. They’re a wonderful group of local artists who love to share what inspires them because they find living here Artspirational and really enjoy this thing called, life.

Alive And Creating exhibition  29 March to 13 April
open every day 11 am - 5 pm
Exhibition opening 29 March, 4 pm for 4:30 pm

Borrodell Vineyard
Cellar door building
298 Lake Canobolas Road, Orange NSW

the DL flyer for the exhibition
 Below is a tiny bit of the fantastic art that will be exhibited:
Trish Lovecek, "Summer Of Fire And Rain"

Wanda Driscoll, "Spring"

Jenny Davidson, "Wine Joiner"

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

"Weaving A Coiled Basket or Lampshade" workshop

Some exciting news!
Lanny Mackenzie will be running a weaving workshop weekend of 28-29 March: 
"Weaving a coiled basket Lampshade"
There are limited places so book early!
Lanny is an exceptional weaver who is also a fantastic teacher.
A valued member of Colour City Creatives, one of our 3D artists and our treasurer. Her unique weaving style is using found objects as part of her weaving process, enabling her to achieve great textural patterning. Often the weaving process and materials result in a sculptural form both beautiful and practical.

In this workshop you will be guided in creating one of her signature techniques and at the end of a fun weekend you will take home either a stunning basket or lampshade. All materials will be provided for the lovely object you will be making, including a frame for your lampshade.
Refreshments will also be provided but do bring your lunch.


Wednesday, 19 February 2020

A group exhibition on the horizon

Have you noticed it's a little quiet here?
Our always active mob is still working away but our focus is a bit multi faceted. We're devoting most of our energy on giving a face-lift or rather a freshen up on our approximately 70 year old building. The other main focus for our CCC committee is chipping away through the list of to dos while simultaneously organising a group exhibition at Borrodell.
Yep, we're going to have a group exhibition! Get excited!

Our super talented artists will have a beautiful venue at the huge cellar door space in Borrodell Vineyard. Gaye and Borry are well known for their support of local artists and their love of art and we are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of this support. Look at this amazing venue, all ours from 29 March to 13 April:

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Creative and peaceful 2020!

May the worm of happiness, emerge from it's cocoon and flit through 2020 with creative vigour and gentleness. Colour City Creatives are getting their cocoon ready too. Watch this space as we announce projects we're incubating with our new 20:20 vision for a wonderful expressive year of living creatively together in 2020 and beyond.