Tuesday, 25 September 2018

"The Mixed Dozen" - a feature during Wine Festival Orange NSW

While Joy Engelman prepares her latest works for Colour City Creatives, “The Mixed Dozen” Wine Week exhibition, she has her grandson Oscar Engelman next to her for support. “Oscar often sits and paints with me which delights my old artist soul. I love having him watching what I do while I try to help him develop his own visions,” Joy said.

Joy also shares with another group named, “The Wilderists”. As the name suggest this group travels widely through the outback seeking inspiration. Currently the group is exhibiting at Grenfell Art Gallery in "The Call of the Wild" until 14 October.

She calls the body of work created in the field, "The Eye of an Eagle" because every time she's gone to paint in the desert, eagles have sat near her. "I have come to realise that eagles see the world in a completely different way to us. And that realisation has had a profound impact on my work,” Joy concluded. For more information regarding Joy visit her website, joyengelmangallery.com

"The Mixed Dozen" Exhibition

will be held at Colour City Creative's 

'The Barracks Studios & Galleries' 

located at 2b Peisley Street, Orange NSW. 

Studios and galleries will be open 
on the two weekends starting on 

Saturday October 13-14 through October 20-21 

from 10 AM to 4 PM. 

The official opening will be held 

Saturday October 13 from 6 PM, 

All are welcome. 

Gates will also be open during the week from 10 AM until 4 PM.  

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

We're open again for the Wine Festival!

Josephine and assistant preparing work for the upcoming 

Wine Festival Art exhibition 

the weekends of 13-14 and 20-21October 2018
opened from 10 AM till 4 PM


everyone is welcome
Saturday 13 from 6 PM
in Orange, New South Wales. 

As usual, some of the artists can be found working in their studios during the week
so don't be shy, come along and see how it's all created!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Prunning, Lopping and Chopping

Our Barracks building is getting an early spring clean of vegetation that for over 70 years has been creeping ever closer and higher.
We have part of our new signage done and the visibility of our building will allow the signage to be seen too. It's a bonus round to us as the tree and bush trimming not only gives us visibility but also the visibility gives us greater security.
Though it looks a little brutal at the moment, when spring comes the trees and bushes will cover the bare branches with gorgeous green growth.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

AGM is done and dusted

Our AGM is done and dusted. Not the highest attendance but certainly one of the most participatory and lively gatherings.
Our new committee has been elected and we will see some great changes and goals set by the new team. They will bring a renewed energy and new ideas that will make our group even better.
Philip Salmon has agreed to be our president for another year and that is very good as his vision has led our varied bunch to great achievements. It is also good because it gives some continuity to the new group.
His latest coup was to purchase a full compliment of framing equipment which will be set up in the Loco building and save our members a ton of money in framing costs.
Watch this space for more good news through the year.

Below are those who will lead us into a shiny new creative future and we wish them lots of fun:
President - Philip Salmon
Vice President - Fayah Mckenzie
Secretary - Heather Dunn
Treasurer - Lanny Mackenzie
Committee Member - Jenny Davidson
Committee Member - Ikuko Fujisawa
Committee Member - Margot Huebner 
Committee Member - Jude Keogh
Committee Member - Trish Lovcek
Committee Member - Hank Spirek

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Hot Chick - short sharp and absurdly funny video

Our Salmon Flathead Productions team has produced their first Art Film: Hot Chick
Put your funny hat on, have your understanding of social commentary nearby and don't forget that pinch of salt!

So proud of those two fish heads or is that flatheads?

Here's some background:
Some time ago the moving picture industry started to include in the final credits all the people and organisations involved in the making of the movie or film. We got talking one day and thought we should do a video with 30 seconds of story and 2 minutes of credits. The story was to be about dog's best friend, but poor Mindi had reached 90 years in human time, was blind in one eye and in pain so was taken to the vet. A substitute was required, hence the bird. Some viewers may regard this video as shithouse, but it is our first "outhouse"

Thursday, 14 June 2018

it's not too late to take part in some local exhibitions

If you haven't already there's still time to take part in 2 great local exhibitions.
Orange Regional Gallery has had a call out to local artists to take part in a show called Here, Now 30 June - 15 July 2018.

The Corner Store Gallery has a BLUE - Group Exhibition  9 - 26 August 2018, you can enter:

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Get ready to create

We're getting ready to book our Orange Wine Festival entry, which will start Friday 12 October and end Sunday 21 October 2018. So get your creative caps on and get the tools of your imagination out.
Your committee after 2 years of organising the themed events has settled on using names for the exhibitions that most fit the festivals. Wine Festival will now always be called "Mixed Dozen", Banjo Festival themed exhibition is "Poem to Painting" and FOOD Festival's name and theme will be "Palate to Palette".
The creative road can be long and the idea is to give you all time to think, gestate and create at your pace and exhibit the fabulous art our visitors so love.
The "Mixed Dozen" exhibition art is to be inspired by all things wine: makers, landscape, product and even the byproduct of wine. A broad definition that gives you a chance to sharpen your focus on what most resonates in your creative soul.
Here's a few images, taken by our president, Philip Salmon, to nourish your imagination:

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Winner of FOOD festival Places Landscape Exhibition

The exhibition is over, the votes counted and our winner of the People's Choice Places Landscape Exhibition is:
Kaye Partridge with her fabulous painting "There's A Strawberry Patch In There Somewhere!"
The Story of the Strawberry Patch by Kaye Partridge:

During the 1970’s and 80’s, my family lived on a small acreage at Borenore in plain sight of Mt Canobolas.

It was an escape to the country and we played at doing the ‘subsistence thing’ which was only partially successful, but we did have a winner with strawberries.

After planting 3,000 plants, we sat back and waited for the dollars to come rolling in. 
You could say we sort of underestimated the time and intensive labour that strawberry growing required, so it was all hands on deck.  The three children all helped with the picking (and the tasting)

Nobody warned us that strawberries tended to ripen all at once, so there were times when life became quite frantic. But it was all a great experience and fondly reminisce - and we still haven’t ever found commercial strawberries that tasted so good as ours!
Certificate of great achievement ;)

Jola and Kaye Partridge

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

People's Choice Winner of Poems To Paintings Exhibition

Jenny Davidson mentioned a quote to me that beautifully describes what we try to do as artists. “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” words attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. With the Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival being one of our tri-annual exhibition opportunities, the da Vinci quote seemes particularly apt.

Although not as big a festival as FOOD or Wine, our doors saw a lot of happy faces come and go. Some bought art, some bought from our shop, some strolled and pondered but all were happy to have glimpsed not only great contemporary art but also being able to walk into an artist's studio and see the sanctum of creativity. Every one of our visitors voted on the work in the Gore gallery and from the count, one was a clear favourite.

The winner of the Poems To Paintings exhibition held in the Gore gallery during our Banjo Paterson Poetry Festival! Was won by a wide margin with Patricia Lovecek's work titled "Mulga Bill", a fun interpretative rendition of the essence of the poem "Mulga Bill's Bicycle".

Congratulations Trish!
"Mulga Bill" by Patricia Lovecek

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Our Dinning Chairs.... oh the shame and the recovery!

Today with the help of Simon and Kathryn we have finally finished recovering the dining chairs in the Pottinger Gallery. They were much loved, much used and very useful..... but, well, just look at our poor darlings:

Judy and I have planned this for oh.... gosh.... over a year and had a good go at it over the past couple of days:

After all the planning and pattern cutting and sewing, we were blessed that today Simon and Kathryn were on the roster for our Farmer's Market Saturday Open Day. It was so good to have such good company :)

and now we all have chairs in the Pottinger gallery we won't have to avert our gazes from..... because they now look like this:
just before stapling above and after stapling below: