Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Orange Waste2Art Competition entry by CCCs is UP

We braved the arctic winds of Tuesday, tried not to get distracted by the steam train that drew lots of people to the East Fork railway station.... and here it is.
Jenny Davidson took this fantastic shot of our entry
We have positioned it near our gate and are hopeful the gods of creatives will protect it, in fact we hope this installation will make people curious.

Aileen Francis, a very happy girl, you'd never think the wind chill factor was -2ÂșC, but that's what creating can do to you, it lights a fire from within and brings joy to your soul.
On site we decided where to position and just by accident the smiley face appeared. A bit of a theme in this project, things changing during creation, as that smile on the face was going to be a crescent moon, but somehow a happy worm appeared. So it was only fitting it next metamorphosed into a beautiful smile :)

Pic showing the positioning of installation in relation to our barracks building, Photo was taken almost on Peisley St, looking at Colour City Creatives Art Gallery and Studios. We're hoping the installation, titled 'Creativity Heals' will make finding our co-op easier.

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