Saturday, 1 June 2019

Waste2Art projec is bubbling away

another lovely day spent with our CCC family on our latest wonderful group project
Aileen, John, Jola, Phil, Iku, Margot, Jude, Lanny and Jenny came today and made another burst of creative contribution to our Waste2Art project
it's really special working together :)
how a crescent morphed into a happy little worm.... that's a creative secret only Jude knows  :)

globe by Aileen, Australia by Jola, what a great team

eyes by Trish, peace sign by Margot, little basket by Lanny, Fantales by Cadburys :)

some of the symbols that will orbit around our blue planet

some of the connecting pieces between the major elements

our CCC logo the major element of our installation

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