Saturday, 1 June 2019

Waste2Art project is on the GO!

The Orange Waste2Art competition is here again! Tavia Lyons gave a few years of her life to organising this event for Orange and when she could not we were saved by Kate Willoughby who stepped into the breach.
So Lanny, Jola, Aileen got together and started the ball rolling by entering our group in the Orange Waste2Art Competition which will be exhibited at our local library. But as usual the mere whiff of a creative idea and our ranks were swelled by Margot, Jude, Iku, Therese and Trish. I don't know what it is, but our CCC family can bubble with enthusiasm at a drop of a palette :)
The project is BIG.
We're creating something special for our fence, which means we can't exhibit with the rest of the entrants. But our ranks of creatives hides many gems. John, Phil and Jenny have willingly joined us to document the project and John will stitch it all into a movie, Jenny will photograph the final piece and get it printed, this then will be what will be exhibited at the Library. Of course we'll provide maps with our entry so keen art and earth lovers can visit the work in situ.
You know, there's something very special in working together. Particularly when Colour City Creatives like other locals in this beautiful area, love where we live. For many reasons, our Earth is in trouble, our rubbish is everywhere. We must try and save the world, heal our planet Earth and inspire people to think about the waste they produce daily. Lets be creative in recycling because putting it in land fill is not the answer.
as it says, this is our proposed design, just a rough guide :)
orientation, day one
the cutting of our grid, Lanny realised early on that doing it directly on the fence with temperatures nearing 0ÂșC was not going to work well :)

Aileen and Lanny in a contemplative mood

Therese and Aileen working out some of the practicalities
while Jenny took a break from documenting the project to help sort the materials

our working space during the premature winter

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