Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sleeper of a working bee

We've had our first external working bee yesterday. Phil and David moved the sleepers into place at the back of the building so when visitors come and park they don't drive off the hill!
Today Pete tried to do some mowing but the equipment had total failure and instead he's in repair mode.

Inside the barracks Susie and David have had made inroads into getting us ready for the Wine Week festival on Thursday by taking down all the art from the walls in readiness for some beautiful contributions coming from the creatives. Yesterday I moved all last exhibition's art into the new store art area so all the walls are ready and did a quick vacuum with a proper clean after we hang all the art. Our Joy who is at the Barracks almost every day, always does a bit of maintenance clean so the place is never grotty :)

The art has started to come in as Dennis with the help of Gay hung his art in Gallery 2. Gallery 1 has Alistair's art waiting to be hung up but there are lots of gorgeous empty walls to be filled so bring it in creatives!
Positioning the sleepers on the edge of the hill, don't want anyone driving off and onto the rail line!

David in motion :)

Picking up another sleeper, great team work!

Can you spot Mindi in the grass? poor little thing :)

So after all the hard work they still had enough energy to be creative :)

El Presidente..... planking :D

ta da!

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