Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Well as part of Taste Orange Wine Week the current CCC exhibition is vibrant as usual, though personally I have found the display less colourful than the Frost Fest show. But hey, taste is gained via the eyes of the beholder so don’t take this as any indication.
The usual creatives have put their minds to work but we also have the talent of new comer David Lamont with his weaving up on the first floor, Daniel Cooke has a few nice items that make the main gallery very welcoming and a must see is the magpie and geese painting of Madam Hutton. Also in the main gallery you will see the garden stepping stones by Ms. McKenzie a lead-lighter extraordinaire who has put her talent to cement and ceramics. A number of these pieces sold while she was placing them on the artificial grass.
Let me expand on a Hutton piece involving a magpie. The story is, while on a farm doing work they occasionally fed the animals near by, but the magpie sat back unable to get with the action. Once all the working bee had concluded and they laid down their tools the magpie perched itself on an old fence post and began to squawk/sing. This attracted three geese who then stood below the fence post watching and listening to the maggie do its thing. They did this for a full 20 minutes not moving a feather or making a sound. With this story in mind you view the painting with a greater appreciation.
As you read this some paintings have already disappeared to buyers/visitors which is a very positive sign. Mind you the gift shop has lots of small items that are proving popular as well and the executive encourages members to produce those little things that interest the kids and mums with a limited budget. On that note there is a fabulous new idea being developed which will be specifically for the shop; perfect for the kids, and adults at heart.
Trust you will call into the Barracks and have a gander. We’re open 10am until 4pm through to Friday 27th October.
John DaRin

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