Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wine Week

Tis true, today was the final Wine Week day that we opened.
Why it's called a week when it went for 10 days mystifies me....
I'll just fill you in a bit with some photos on firstly, the preparation. Besides the people below, Peter M, Peter G, Gay and Denis were a great help too, thank you all for getting another exhibition together.
El Presidente fixing our torn sign

all the hanging chains sorted and awaiting........

contact cement and back patch

resulted in an immaculate sign back where it belongs :)

our new publicity officer, Aida with John hanging around the corridors :)

Judy our excellently attired cleaning lady

Susie in the downstairs corridors filling the walls with art and laughter :D

and Gillian removing the dust and detritus off our floors :)

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