Sunday, 27 October 2013

John and the amazing technicolour paint job

Just when we thought we had it all under control we discovered some low life stole 6 of our perimeter sleepers..... This time John DR filled in the gaps by himself..... we thankfully had a few spares.
We also had some foul smelling paint in one of our store rooms. When I say foul, I mean really extremely excruciatingly disgustingly smelling paint. Gay, John and I should have worn protective clothing and masks as the smell did not leave our clothing or nostrils for hours....
The idea was to coat the wood and make it unattractive to whoever has decided to steal from artists.
John doing a balancing act

saturating the wood with foul goop

we used all the big tins, useful for nothing else

Gay trying to pry open another fossilised tin

believe it or not paint is not supposed to bubble and make eyes water

in the end it all looked quite 'arty', a happy ending after all :)

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