Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday at the Barracks

Tuesday at the Barracks is the weekly exchange of ideas and general communal art activity. Today Iku and Jola had fun, Phil mean time was getting the room ready for Isabelle to paint white. She's finished the Peter Gore gallery and now it's the Aida Pottinger gallery's turn for a new coat of paint. The place will look amazing for the Wine Festival group exhibition!
While Phil was climbing the walls behind us, Iku started a project that's been tickling her mind for a few months now and I put a few more lines in the lino.
Iku fleshing out her project :)

Jola's lino block ever so close for a test print

defined Borry's beard a bit today

Iku and her spare hand :)

Phil removing wires and other items before the paint job begins

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