Sunday, 11 September 2016

Open Day

Yesterday was our monthly Open Day.
The day was pretty much miserable with temperatures hovering around 7ºC, with intermittent drizzle to add texture to the day. Phil and Jola were on the morning roster and Iku with Ken in the afternoon.
Actually it was a lovely day for us, as we all mostly huddled in the Aida Pottinger gallery where the heater kept us happy, Susie and David dropped in as did Catherine and Isabelle. Thought we only had 2 visitors they loved what we do and will come back to see our progress and changes in our exhibitions. One lady from Woolongong bought 3 of Joy's beautiful cards and thought coming to see us was a lovely way to complete her visit to Orange.
Phil kept working on our new sign writer machine and finally managed to wrestle it into submission, now we'll be able to create some professional looking and long lasting signage around the Barracks.
I mostly stayed outside and carved away on my block, until a cut to my finger put a stop to it. The cold weather made the block hard and what I needed was the warmth of my studio or a source of heat to make the tools cut rather than chip at the surface

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