Monday, 5 September 2016

New Look

Just gave our site a spring clean and isn't it wonderful that the sun is out at last?
You might notice that we have additional pages, one for each of the events we open our doors for, let me know if it works for you or if I can make it better.

As the Treasurer and Publicity person it will take me a while to settle into a routine, but Phil assures me it's not insurmountable. But he is a believer that his glass is always full 😀
So I thought being Polish I might call myself the Polish Publicity Personage or the PPP from the CCC 😀

Have sent off our 'press release' and entered/updated our information in various online sites, also have placed us on Google as a 'business', all in the hope of getting more people through our gates to see how amazing you creatives are and take some of it home with them.
I'm so proud to be part of a group with such great talent, thank you.

All the artists who took on the challenge of the Mixed Dozen portrait exhibition are powering on.... including me. I have decided to do both Borry and Gaye from Borrodell as there are so many women working in the wine industry but it seems mostly the men are the figureheads.
Mine is a lino block print and I have started my carving, here's the piece so far.
Half the block carved, Gaye done, now for Borry :)
I've also decided to print on paper stained with Borrodell wine, as an extra little touch/link to the subject. This idea has proven more problematic than I thought. If you spill wine on a white tablecloth it's bright and red..... and hard to get out..... but on paper..... not the same.... I'll persevere and hope for happy accidents.

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